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Open Positions for Native English Teachers

Time:March 10, 2021  clicks:

Name of the Employer:Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics(hereinafter referred to as Party A)

Employee (hereinafter referred to as Party B)

Open Positions: Native English teachers

I. Requirements:

1. Age: From 25 to 55 years old;

2. Nationality: U.S., British, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealander, etc.

3. Native Language: English;

4. Education: Bachelor's Degree or above;

5. Specialties: Candidates majoring in liberal arts preferred;

6. Working Experience: Two years or more;

7. Workload: No more than 16 class periods per week;

8. Start Date: September 5, 2021;

9. Contract Term: One academic year comprising two semesters;

10. Courses: Writing, reading, and oral language, and overview of his/her country;

11. Students'Age: 18-23 years old;

12. Duration of Each Class Period: 45 minutes.

II. Remuneration Package:

1. Salary: Negotiable;

2. Telephone Allowance: CNY100 per month (pre-tax);

3. Meal Allowance: CNY300 per month (pre-tax);

4. Transportation Allowance: CNY800 per month (pre-tax) (excl. summer and winter holidays);

5. Flight Allowance: CNY8,000 per academic year (pre-tax);

6. Travel Allowance: CNY2,200 per academic year (pre-tax);

7. Accommodation Options:

A. Apartment Provided by Party A. The apartment comes with a bathroom and is furnished with furniture, bedding, a TV set, a refrigerator, a computer, an air conditioner, and an electric water heater. Kitchen and laundry room are shared with other inhabitants on the same floor. Expenses of utilities, internet and cable TV services in relation to the apartment will be covered by Party A. Party B will not enjoy accommodation allowance from ZUFE with this option.

B. Party A will pay Party B CNY2,000per month(pre-tax)for Party B's accommodation. Party B shall find his/her preferred housing by himself/herself in the city of Hangzhou. All costs incurred in relation to the house shall be covered by Party B, including but not limited to rent, home moving services, utilities, internet service, property management, etc.

8. Physical examination: Party A will pay for Party B's physical examination at a designated hospital in Hangzhou every year;

9. Medical Insurance: Party A shall pay for Party B's medical insurance in accordance with China's medical system. The medical expenses shall be reimbursed according to the Insurance Contract;

10.Paid Holidays: Public holidays, Winter and Summer holidays;

11.Others: Party A will help Party B apply and pay for the work permit and residence permit.

III. Contact: Ms.Chen;

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