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Opening Ceremony of 2018 Freshmen
2019-06-25 16:04  

Opening Ceremony of 2018 Freshmen

September 19th, 2018

On September 18th, the opening ceremony of the 2018 freshmen was held in Xiasha Campus, ZUFE. University leaders Zhong Xiaomin, Lu Xinbo, Chen Jinfang, Li Rumeng, Xu Xiaodong and Shao Yiping, heads of schools and administrative departments, teacher representatives, counselors and 4091 graduates and undergraduates attended the ceremony. Hosted by the Deputy Secretary of ZUFE Party Committee, Lu Xinbo, the ceremony kicked off in the impassioned chorus of the national anthem.



On behalf of the University, President Zhong Xiaomin expressed his heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to the 2018 freshmen. In his speech, the President emphasizes that university is not only a place for imparting knowledge, but also a place for perfecting personality. On how to live a meaningful college life and realize the transition from “teenagers” to “youths”, the President puts forward four requests and expectations: Firstly, it is suggested to bear in mind that the fundamental purpose of students is reading and learning. Make reading and learning an important part of life, increase the academic challenge and become a constructor of new knowledge. Secondly, it is necessary to develop the habit of independent thinking. Always put cultivating independent thinking ability at the first place and strive to become a truly thoughtful and insightful youth. Thirdly, the President hopes that the freshmen should enhance the ability of active choice. They should actively choose their own development orientations with rationality among self-determined, diverse and individual learning and growing paths offered by the University. Fourthly, they should temper the “problem-solving” skill, keep a curious attitude and innovate and create through learning so as to lay a solid foundation for creatively solving complicated problems in the future.


Teacher representative, outstanding college and university teacher of Zhejiang province, Li Jingkui hopes that the freshmen achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subjects and transform from imparting knowledge to cultivating wisdom, hence to make themselves youths with individual personality, mental freedom, healthy mentality and broad horizon.


Lou Dong, Alumni representative, graduate of class 1998 of Monetary Banking Major, also the founder of Zhejiang Yingyang Assets, is invited to share his own experience with freshmen. He advises the freshmen to always cherish dreams, keep righteous attitude and be self-cultivating; cherish time, learn well and keep exercising; be brave, cooperate and innovate.


Liu Haiwen, undergraduate representative, a freshman of the School of Accounting says that the rapid development of ZUFE in recent years, the studious character of ZUFERs, the ambition to benefit mankind, the enthusiasm of innovation and the courage of leading the tide make her dream for studying in ZUFE and motivate her to work harder in her future studies.


Zhou Shengjia, a graduate freshman and a doctoral student of China Institute of Regulation Research, shares her experience and feelings towards ZUFE when she was a undergraduate in ZUFE. “Choosing ZUFE is the proudest decision I’ve ever made!” She said with deep affection.






At the ceremony, Chen Jinfang, the Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the University, read out the lists of winners of the 2018 freshmen “Shuangcai” scholarship and made a grand recognition. The University leaders awarded the university badge to the freshmen representatives.


“Creating an extraordinary life out of ordinary”; “Teachers of ZUFE are all always your strongest support”; Cultivate independent thinking and take bold attempts”; “Hand out the answers that are satisfactory for yourself and for the society”. At the end of the ceremony, excellent student representatives share their feelings of college life with the freshmen through video. With the most sincere hopes and blessings from their seniors, the freshmen are ready to embark on a new journey in ZUFE and to realize their dreams.