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Welcome Remarks

Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics is a comprehensive college pursuing coordinated development in multiple disciplines and it is also a key university of Zhejiang Province with nearly 18,000 teachers and students. Over the past 40 years since its establishment, our university has been equipped with a complete talent training system for undergraduates, masters and doctors and set up a center for post-doctoral research. As an important base and high-end think tank for academic and scientific research in Zhejiang Province, our university has nurtured over 100,000 all kinds of well-educated talents for national economic and social development. Thus, she is hailed as a "Huangpu Military Academy" (crowned as the "West Point" in China)of the financeand tax system in Zhejiang Province, an incubator for accountants, fertile ground for financiers and a palace for entrepreneurs. According to the "2020 China's Best Discipline Ranking" released by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, our university ranks 12th among China's finance and economics universities, and Applied Economics and Statistics both rank 15th, making them amongst the top 10% of disciplines in China. Engineering is ranked in the top 1% of ESI global ranking.

Adhering to openness in running universities, our university has established good cooperation with 135 universities in 33 countries and regions around the world,and held 4 Chinese-foreign joint programs. More than 40% of the teachers have overseas study and visiting experiences. Our university has set up the world's first Library of the Nobel Prize in Economics authorized by the Nobel Foundation, and the workstation of the Nobel Economics Prize Laureates. By now, 3 Nobel Laureates have been invited to join the station.

Being committed to developing into a first-class university of finance and economics, ZUFE makes every effort to improve the quality of education, builds a highland of disciplines at full speed, administrates the university by law, improves the training system for high-level talents, thus developing a training highland for new financial and economic talents and a new financial think tank. We are very much looking forward to communicating and cooperating with institutions of higher education, research institutions and academic organizations around the world, building platforms for international exchange and cooperation, fostering cooperation among teachers and students and strengthening collaboration in scientific research and joint programs.


Chairman of the University Council, LI Jinchang

President, ZHONG Xiaomin