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ZUFE regards talents as core resources, implements the strategy of "thriving with talents" with all efforts, and takes talents as the strategic resources for the development of the university. ZUFE also insists on the priority in the development of talents resources, the adjustment of talents structure, the guarantee of talents investment and the innovation of talents system. The university actively advances theprogram, cultivatinga faculty team of more doctors, more internationalized and more distinguished teachers to further enhance the team of talents and teachers. The university also strives to build a team of high-quality and high-level talents to go with the development of ZUFE so as to effectively promote the successful development of all its causes. Currently, ZUFE has more than 1,600 faculty and staff members, including 1,150 full-time teachers, 170 senior teachers, 380 deputy senior teachers, and 700 Ph.D. full time teachers. ZUFE has the Center for Post-doctoral Program on Applied Economics. The University has more than 110 excellent talents who are awarded or supported by national, ministerial and provincial projects, including leading talents in philosophy and social science as well as distinguished college teachers supported by National "Ten Thousand Talents" Program, "Four Batches" Talents of the National Publicity Cultural System, National "Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents" Program, National-level Middle-Aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions, Term-Appointment Professors and Special-Appointment Scholars of "Cheung Kong Scholar Program" of China's Ministry of Education, talents supported by "New Century Excellent Talents“ Program of China's Ministry of Education, Provincial-level Senior Experts, leading talents supported by Provincial-level "Ten Thousand Talents" Program, distinguished professors of Provincial "Qianjiang Scholar Program" and talents nominated in the Provincial "New Century 151 Talents" Program . The internationalized teaching team has taken shape, with more than 40% teachers studying, visiting and exchanging abroad for more than 3 months, 65 teachers obtaining doctoral degrees from foreign universities, 5 long-term foreign full-time teachers,11 foreign lecture professors and 6 foreign part-time as well as distinguished professors through flexible introduction and other means.