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Students' Union and Clubs

The ZUFE Students' Union is a student organization open to all students at ZUFE and a member of the Students' Federation of Zhejiang Province. It aims to serve students with heart and soul and guides students to develop themselves into all-rounded talents with both personal integrity and professional competence. The Students' Union has made remarkable contributions to the creation of a positive learning environment, enrichment of campus culture, protection of students' righteous interests, and other areas. It also hosts featured activities regularly, such as ZUFE Top Ten Singers Competition, ZUFE Talent Show, and ZUFE Taobao.

There are currently 115 student clubs, covering various themes like academic studies, technology, culture, sports, volunteer work, community work, innovation, and entrepreneurship. They are designed to promote the all-rounded development of students by organizing a variety of enrichment activities and events such as traditional Chinese cultural festivals, monthly club tours, and club competitions.