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Introduction to Disciplines

Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE), with economics and management disciplines as the key disciplines, has built a multidisciplinary system of coordinated development of various disciplines, namely, Economics, Management, Arts & Humanities, Law, Science, Engineering, and philosophy. Applied Economics is listed as the priority characteristic discipline at provincial-level. ZUFE also has two A-type first-class disciplines at provincial-level, namely Applied Economics and Statistics, and four B-type first-class disciplines at provincial-level, namely Public Administration, Business Administration, Theoretical Economics and Chinese Language and Literature.

ZUFE offers 1 doctoral program of Applied Economics, 8 first-level discipline master's programs and 21 postgraduate education covering finance, economics, management, art, law, and science, including 8 first-level discipline master's programs in Public Administration, Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Theoretical Economics, Law, Foreign Languages and Literature, Statistics and Chinese Language and Literature, as well as 13 professional master's programs in Tax Administration, Public Administration, Accounting, Property Assessment, Auditing, Finance, Insurance, Business Administration, International Business, Law, Translation, Applied Statistics and Chinese International Education.

In the fourth round of discipline evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education, Applied Economics ranked B+, in the top 20% in China, Business Administration in the top 30%, Public Administration in the top 40%, and Statistics in the top 50%. According to Best Chinese Subject Ranking 2020, Applied Economics was once again among the top 10% in China, Statistics was among the top 20% and other three disciplines, namely, Business Administration, Public Administration, and Management Science and Engineering, were among the top 30%. According to the latest ESI data for 2021, Engineering enters the top 1% of the global ranking.