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Opening Ceremony for ZUFE's First International Cultural Festival for Wenhua Academy Held at ZUFE

Time:June 4, 2021  clicks:

On June 3, the opening ceremony of ZUFE's First International Cultural Festival for Wenhua Academy and the appointment ceremony for cultural advisors of Wenhua Academy were held at the Xiasha campus. They were conducted both online and offline. Present here were Ge Su, former director of China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wanli Ma, former leader of the discipline supervision and investigation group under the the General Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Yin Jiang, president of Xiling Seal Engraver's Society Publishing House, Zhanrong Li, vice president of ZUFE, Danqun Lou, member of the School Party Committee and director of the Publicity Department of ZUFE, and persons responsible for relevant functional departments, deputy secretaries in charge of student affairs of each school of ZUFE, as well as representatives of teachers and students.

Mr. Li pointed out in his speech that the university is committed to developing innovative teaching methods and paradigms for international students in the building of the Wenhua Academy, creating a new model to cultivate them with a closer integration of culture and disciplines. Meanwhile, he extended his sincere congratulations to the opening of the First International Cultural Festival for Wenhua Academy, and hoped that it would open a window to spread the voice of ZUFE with concerted efforts of all Zufers.

Also, Mr. Su mentioned that China's major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in the new era should promote the building of a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future for humanity, and encouraged ZUFE to continue to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning between different countries, different ethnic groups, and different cultures, so as to get to know more about each other and make China known to the world, thus to promote a better knowledge of the splendid Chinese traditional culture.

The leaders at the meeting issued letters of appointment to cultural advisors, cultural directors, and cultural teachers present.

At the opening ceremony, the Chinese and foreign teachers and students also presented great theatrical performances such as Love in Pamir, Because of Love, Landscape of West Lake Still as Gorgeous as It Was, and Wonderful Strokes and the Charm of the Harp. Additionally, some other teachers and students offered a refreshing visual feast in multiple artistic forms, such as poetry recitation, operas, calligraphy, and dance. With the enthusiastic chorus Love Each Other by Chinese and foreign students, the opening ceremony came to an end.

The festival was rich in content and diverse in form. During this cultural festival, there were also a variety of activities, including a series of lectures for cultural exchanges, the Chinese Song Contest for exchange students, and international cultural exhibitions relevant to the Belt and Road Initiative. ZUFE will remain committed to promoting the Chinese culture in going global, conveying the truth, spreading the ideas, and cultivating students through Chinese culture in order to introduce to the world greater cultures with Chinese characteristics, the Chinese spirit, and Chinese wisdom.