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Historical Record Made by ZUFE in Zhejiang Aerobics Championship for College Students

Time:December 10, 2021  clicks:

Recently, the 2021 Zhejiang Aerobics Championship for College Students was held online. Athletes of ZUFE won all the first prizes with a big lead, setting an historical record for ZUFE. Chen Zhizhang and Wang Xiaoyu won the gold and silver medals in men’s single gymnastics, and Ni Liya and Qi Shen’ao were awarded as “Excellent Athletes”.

The competition was sponsored by the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Sports Bureau, with 488 participating athletes from 41 colleges and universities in the province. There are eight events in the competition, and each school can choose to participate in up to five events. ZUFE sent 14 athletes to participate in this year’s event.