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Prof. Wang Junhao Awarded "Excellent Teacher of Zhejiang Province"

Time:September 9, 2022  clicks:

On September 7, the 38th Teachers’ Day celebration and the 5th "Most Beautiful Teachers" Press Conference was held in Hangzhou, at which outstanding teachers in Zhejiang Province for 2022 were honored. Professor Wang Junhao from ZUFE was awarded "Excellent Teacher of Zhejiang Province". 15 teachers in total won this title. On the morning of September 9, Professor Wang Junhao, as a representative of outstanding teachers, met the leaders in the Great Hall of the People of Zhejiang Province.

Having been committed to education for 40 years, Wang Junhao enjoys a special government allowance from The State Council and is listed as a candidate for the first and second level in the first batch of talents of the National Hundred and Thousand and Ten-Thousand Talent Project in China. He is awarded the "Top Teacher" of China's "Ten Thousand Talent Program", "Changjiang Distinguished Professor", and "Senior Specialist" of Zhejiang Province. He is on "China's Top Contributing Scholars List for 2022" with six awards and ranks No. 1 among scholars from universities of finance and economics and No. 12 among scholars from all universities in China.

Wang Junhao is determined to devote his entire life to education. He has given lessons to plenty of undergraduates and postgraduates on various courses, including Marketing, Industrial Economics, Regulatory Economics, etc., highly praised by students. With the main research field lying in theory and policy of government regulation, he has written over 20 books, participated in compiling two national teaching materials, and published more than 160 papers in journals like Economic Research and Management World. He has won China's top award in economics-- Sun Yefang Economic Science Award (Book Award), the second prize of the Excellent National Teaching Achievements Award, the second prize of the first National Teaching Material Compiling Award, and the second prize of the Excellent Scientific Research Achievements Award of China’s Ministry of Education (Humanities and Social Sciences). In addition, he has won 17 first and second prizes in activities at the provincial level. Wang Junhao has written many research reports among which 25 are reviewed by leaders of national departments, 30 are reviewed by leaders of Zhejiang Province and 1 is listed in the National Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences. He has also chaired 16 projects (including nine core projects) funded by the National Social Science Fund of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the National Science and Technology Major Project Program, and over 40 projects at the provincial level. With such marvelous achievements, Prof. Wang Junhao plays a vital role in the economic field of Zhejiang Province.

"Excellent Teacher of Zhejiang Province", which is selected every three years, aims to recognize and award teachers with great contributions to educational reform and development and teachers who set an example with meritorious behavior as a way of cultivating more high-quality, professional, and innovative teachers.