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Experience Zhejiang: International Students Explores Beautiful Countryside and Tells China’s Stories

Time:September 27, 2023  clicks:

Camping in the countryside, while feeling the intoxicating autumn; Riding horses and singing joyfully, while discussing rural innovation together. Upon invitation, ZUFE's international students attended the International Youth Rural Innovation Salon and engaged in rural experience activities held in Liujiatang Village, Anji County, Huzhou on September 26. Organized by the Secretariat of the National College Students' Rural Revitalization Creative Competition, with the participation of representatives from the government of Anji County, township governments of the competition sites, rural innovation companies, experts in rural development, and participating teachers and students, the event aimed to contribute to the in-depth cooperation between the international forces and the local villages through international exchanges and experiential visits, integrating international perspectives into youth rural innovation.

The event kicked off on the camping lawn of Tianpo Equestrian Club. The first event was the International Youth Rural Innovation Salon, where leaders and experts gave speeches and shared their insights and ideas. International students from different countries also introduced themselves to improve mutual understanding. The salon witnessed a warm exchange of feelings and experience.

After the salon, the participants rode horses to enjoy the fun on horseback, and took a "Country Walk" together to immerse themselves in rural life, wandering by the lucid waters and in lush mountains, rice fields and bamboo forests of Liujiatang. They also visited the space transformation project completed by the participating team in the village and highly praised their hard work and innovative practices.

This event is one of the activities in "Experiencing Zhejiang" series organized by the School of International Education and Studies of ZUFE. It is a rural practice activity designed for understanding China's national conditions. It provides international students with the opportunity to visit rural areas, have an immersive experience and feel the beauty of the countryside, with an aim to promote the concept of beautiful countryside.