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2023 China Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Academic Conference Concludes Successfully

Time:August 28, 2023  clicks:

The 2023 China Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academic Conference was successfully held in Hangzhou from August 24 to 25. The conference was jointly organized by the Entrepreneurship and SME Committee and the Technology and Innovation Management Committee of the Chinese Academy of Management, along with ZUFE. Its purpose was to delve into the topic of how Chinese enterprises and industries could respond to new situations and challenges in the post-pandemic era. Wei Jiang, vice president of ZUFE, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. More than 300 experts and scholars from domestic universities and research institutions participated in the conference.

Wei Jiang discussed the imperative of establishing a self-reliant and robust technological innovation system as the path towards achieving high-quality development from an international and national strategic perspective. He emphasized that, in the face of the opportunities and challenges brought about by the new wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship development was of utmost importance. In addition, he expressed his anticipation that the conference would facilitate the sharing of the latest academic research outcomes and showcase innovative entrepreneurial practices rooted in theoretical and academic research achievements.

During the keynote speech session, Prof. Zhang Yuli from Nankai University, Prof. Gao Shanxing from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Prof. Wei Jiang of ZUFE, and entrepreneurial representatives delivered thematic presentations on topics such as innovation-driven entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence innovation, and basic views about data.

This academic conference has provided a high-quality interactive platform for domestic scholars in the field of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. It holds significant importance in promoting the sustainable development of domestic research on technology innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in tightly integrating the theoretical research with practical enterprise needs.