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Undergraduate Program

1. Public Finance

About the Program

Public Finance is one of the traditional majors in ZUFE. Now it is a national characteristic discipline, belongs to the Professional Comprehensive Reform Project of the Ministry of Education, and is a Key Discipline of Zhejiang Province in the 13th Five-Year Plan. It has more than 10 National Undergraduate Quality Projects, such as the National Teaching Team (The team of Public finance Core Course), National Off-campus Practice Base (Practical Education Base of ZUFE), National Excellent Course, and National Excellent Resource Sharing Course (PUBLIC FINANCE and CHINA TAXATION).

The major has always adhered to the development strategy of pragmatic and enterprising, striving for excellence, and promoting the teaching and research reform of the integration of science and education actively. It has formed a long-term mechanism for scientific research serving teaching, scientific research leading teaching, scientific research cohesive team, and discipline driving. The teachers have undertaken many projects for the National Social Science Major Tender Project and Major Projects of the Ministry of Education. There are more than 20 projects for the National Social Science Funding Project and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Its research reports have been approved by both national and provincial experts and won a number of provincial and ministerial scientific research awards. Its teachers have a high reputation and certain academic influence in colleges and universities in the province and even in financial institutions throughout the country.

Main Courses

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Public Finance, Finance, Statistics, Econometrics, Government Budget, Taxation System of China, Macroeconomic Policy Analysis.

2. Taxation

About the Program

The major of taxation is led by the university's goal of Constructing an Innovation and Entrepreneurial University of Finance and Economics. It takes the responsibility of cultivating high-quality taxation talents and strives to build a well-known tax training ground for the country. This major aims at fostering and practicing the core values of socialism, and can adapt to the needs of building a socialist market economy actively. It has a sense of social responsibility, public awareness, international perspective, and innovative spirit. It masters not only theoretical knowledge but business skills in economics, public finance, taxation, and accounting. It also has compound, applied, innovative, and entrepreneurial management talents who can comprehensively use professional knowledge to analyze and solve tax-related issues.

The major provides talents for finance bureaus, taxation bureaus, and social intermediaries such as accounting firms and tax agencies. There are currently 17 teachers in the major of TAXATION, including 4 professors, 5 associate professors, and 8 lecturers. Teachers with doctoral degrees account for 82%.

The current professional teachers of this major have been awarded the titles of various types of talents: 2 persons in the second level of "151 Talents in Zhejiang Province" and 3 persons in the third level. One teacher has been awarded as a Teaching Master in Zhejiang Province; two teachers are in the Talent Program for young and middle-aged discipline scholars in Zhejiang Province, and three teachers are in the Talent Program for young and middle-aged discipline scholars in ZUFE.

Main Courses

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Public Finance, Finance, Statistics, Econometrics, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Government Budget, Taxation System of China, International Tax Accounting.

3. Accounting

About the Program

Our BSc Accounting program can fast-track your accounting career through a well-designed degree education, with global accountancy accreditations and internship opportunities. You'll gain a solid grounding in fundamental disciplines including financial and management accounting, auditing, business finance, and business law.

It is accredited for a wide range of global professional accountancy qualifications, including ACCA, US CPA, CPA Canada, CPA Australia, and CIMA. You can choose to work on one of these qualifications along with your study, and get exemptions from a number of exam papers required by these qualifications.

You can enhance your CV by going for an internship at a company where you'll be at the cutting edge of accounting and finance. The Accounting Major delivered by the School of Accounting is famous in the field, and its graduates are welcomed by top four accounting firms, banks, and listing firms.

You also will join a valuable alumni network based on your study here. As almost one quarter of senior accountants in Zhejiang province graduated from this school, and it is regarded as "the cradle of accountants of Zhejiang province".

The School of Accounting at ZUFE ranks in the top 10% among Chinese universities, with a long history of offering accounting and finance programs. Both BSc Accounting and BSc Financial Management courses are officially approved as National First-Class Undergraduate Programs. The distinctive theoretical and practical education it provides is supported by 91 full-time faculty members, and 82 part-time social mentors.

The School of Accounting is experienced in international accounting education. Department of International Accounting is particularly well set for international accounting education, where almost all faculty members have overseas study or work experience.

Main Courses

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting Principles, Management, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Management Accounting, Auditing, Financial Reporting Corporate Governance, International Business.


About the Program

The international program for the finance major aims to recruit international students from all over the world. The discipline of Finance ranks in the top 9% and the major of Finance ranks in the top 5% in China. With strong support from other disciplines such as economics, accounting, management, and law, this program aims to cultivate students with a global vision, a solid multi-disciplinary foundation, and outstanding professional qualities in banking, investment, and corporation finance.

The faculty for this major includes 5 professors, 7 associate professors, and 13 lecturers, 85% of whom hold PhD degrees. Half of its faculty members have overseas experience.

Main Courses

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Financial Markets, International Finance, Investments, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Econometric Analysis, Central Bank, Fixed Income Securities, International Settlement, Principle of Financial Engineering, Financial Risk Management, Investment Banking.

 5.Business Administration

About the Program

The program of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) aims to cultivate students who have a global vision, abilities in cross-cultural communication, and professional qualities in management such as leadership, marketing, and business analysis. Students have broad access for visiting high quality enterprises and internships. The major of Business Administration ranks in the top 5% in china.  

The program is well-structured and has a high-quality academic staff team possessing remarkable teaching and research potential. There are 8 professors and 20 associate professors, 80% of whom hold PhD degrees. 50% of the faculty members for this major have overseas experience.

Main Courses

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management, Marketing, Accounting, Organizational behavior, Entrepreneurial Management, Strategic management, Corporate Governance, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, International Business, Business Statistics.

6. Electronic Commerce 

About the Program

This major is based on the new characteristic Undergraduate Program of Electronic Commerce in Zhejiang Province, and on the university's distinctive disciplines, such as economics, management and computer science. It aims to cultivate students who have global vision, comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture, theory of electronic commerce and application of information technology. It also aims to cultivate practical and inter-disciplinary talents who master practical skills of business analytics, e-commerce operation and specialize in cross-border e-commerce.

The faculty of this major includes 6 professors, 8 associate professors and 12 lecturers, 90% have got PhD degrees. Half of the faculty have overseas backgrounds.

Main Courses

Fundamental of Electronic Commerce, Business Data Analysis Practice, Internet Marketing, Operation of E-commerce, Practice of Cross-border E-commerce, Security of E-commerce.

7. International Economics and Trade

About the Program

The program is designed to provide the students with an open international vision and a good professional ethics, to equip them with a systematic knowledge of theories on international trade, multinational enterprise management, international investment and financing, cross-border E-commerce as well as cross-border M&A theory, to deepen their understanding of laws and regulations of international trade, to develop their skills in international business operation and intercultural communication, and to enhance their integrated capacity of multi-disciplinary knowledge and scientific analysis methods. On completion of the program, students will become professional talents with manifold and practical abilities who are competent in work of international business operation and management in foreign-related enterprises, government departments and social organizations.

The program has an outstanding staff composed of 20 full-time teachers and 23 part-time instructors. Most of the faculty are sophisticated researchers in fields of international economics and trade, and have various professional qualification certificates. The part-time instructors all have professional business backgrounds such as chief executive officials, government officials and researchers.

Main Courses:

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management, Finance, International Business Law, International Trade, International Trade Practice, International Marketing, Cross-Border E-commerce, World Economy, Introduction of World Trade Organization, Econometrics

8. Economics

About the Program

The Program of Bachelor of Economics aims to cultivate students who master basic knowledge of principles of Marxism and essential theories of economics, are  familiar with China's Economic Operation and Reform Practice, have a good international perspective, strong innovation literacy and innovation ability, and comprehensive literacy with good multidisciplinary cross-cutting ability. After graduation, students can work in economic management departments that engage in economic analysis, forecasting, planning, and management.

The program is well-structured and has a high-quality academic staff team possessing remarkable teaching and research potential. There are 11 professors and 20 associate professors, 90% of whom hold PhD degrees. 72% of the faculty members of this major have overseas experience.

Main Courses

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Fundamental Accounting, Statistics, Monetary and Banking, International Economics, Industrial Economics, History of Economic Thoughts, Econometrics, Game Theory, Management, New Institutional Economics, Development Economics, Regional Economics, Mathematical Economics, Methods and Applications of Econometrics, Economic Data Analysis, Academic Paper Writing.

9. Business English About the Program

About the Program

Students of Business English are trained to be Applied Business English professionals who have a solid English-language foundation, special knowledge and skills in international business, and strong cross-cultural communication ability, who have mastery of basic knowledge and theory of economics, management, law, and other disciplines related to international business, and who can skillfully use English to engage in international trade, international business management, international finance, and other fields, so as to serve enterprises and institutions, foreign trade, foreign affairs, finance, and other departments.

Students of Business English can choose the four major development directions, namely, international finance, international trade, international business law, and accounting, and have access to various competitions and projects for developing their language skills and business innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as opportunities to enter practice bases or go abroad for exchange.

The Business English Department has 15 full-time teachers, among whom 6 hold PhDs, 4 professors, 2 associate professors, and 12 have overseas experience of more than 6 months as visiting scholars.

Main Courses

Business English provides courses covering Comprehensive Business English, Business English Listening, Business English Speaking, Business English Reading, Business English Writing, Business Negotiation, Business English Translation, An Introduction to Business, International Finance, Practical International Trade, International Business Law, Management, Marketing, Cross-Cultural Communication, Business Etiquette, etc.

10. Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL)

About the Program

The undergraduate program in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL) in the College of Humanities and Communication (CHC) for international students targets at training international talents with a high proficiency in Chinese and familiarity with Chinese society and culture. CHC enrolls four-year undergraduate international students every spring and autumn. Originated in 2002, undergraduate education in CHC for international students has functioned through a mature teaching model and curriculum system, as well as high-quality courses and efficient teaching management. Based on the Chinese language major, CHC has established five major directions: Chinese Language, Literature and Culture, Economics and Trade, Translation from and into Chinese and Chinese Language Teaching.

The program is well-structured and has a high-quality academic staff team possessing remarkable teaching and research potential. There are 11 professors and 11 associate professors, 100% of whom hold PhD degrees. 95% of the faculty members of this major have overseas experience. There are also some visiting scholars from the U.S., France, and Japan who are intensively involved in Teaching Chinese-related courses. CHC has carried out academic exchanges and cooperation with universities in Japan, South Korea, the U.S., Thailand, France, and other countries.

Main Courses

International Chinese Language Education, Advanced Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese, Chinese Language Elements Teaching, Application of Modern Educational Technology, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Chinese Culture and Intercultural Communication, Traditional Chinese Cultural Skills and the Presentation, Chinese Language and Literature, Literature and Art etc.

11. Environmental Design

About the Program

The teaching aims for our major aim at cultivating high-quality applied talents in environmental design with a solid professional foundation, excellent innovative and practical abilities, and a spirit of independent innovation and design practice ability. Our graduates can choose to work in various design institutions including public building interior design, residential space design, urban environment and community environment landscape design, landscape design, and other practical work.

This major has a high quality teaching and research team. We make full use of social resources and cooperate with enterprises in various ways, and cooperate with related design enterprises.

Main Courses

Design Performance Techniques, Basics of Architectural Design, Engineering Drawing, Ergonomics, Material Construction, Design Software Application, Lighting Design, Furniture and Furnishing Design, Living Space Design, Public Space Design, Living Landscape Design, Design Management, etc.