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School of Public Finance and Taxation

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The School of Public Finance and Taxation is one of the schools with the longest history in our university. It offers 2 undergraduate programs in Public Finance and Taxation, and 2 postgraduate programs in Public Finance (including Taxation) and Master of Taxation (MT). Public Finance is a key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zhejiang Province and a provincial-level key discipline (Type A), which is equipped with 1 provincial new university think tank and 1 provincial high-level research team. In addition, Public Finance is also a first-class national construction undergraduate program, a national quality program, and a "comprehensive pilot project of major reform" of the Ministry of Education, while Taxation is a first-class provincial construction undergraduate program. The school offers 2 first-class national courses and boasts 1 national-level teaching team. The "Practical Education Base of Economics at ZUFE" owned by the school is the only national off-campus practical education base for college students in our university.

Currently, there are 49 full-time teachers in the school,among whom 15 teachers are professors,12 are associate professors, 42 teachers have doctoral degrees, 3 teachers enjoy the special allowance from the State Council, one teacher is a leading talent in philosophy and social science of the national "Ten Thousand Talents Program", one teacher is a chair professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education, two teachers are selected into the national Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Program and awarded as "'Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions", one teacher is selected as the "Four Batches" Talents of the Publicity Department of the CPC, 2 teachers are selected as new century innovative talents of the Ministry of Education, and 12 teachers are selected as various other provincial talents. Over the past five years, more than 40 provincial and ministerial-level research projects were established, and the school staff have won more than 10 provincial and ministerial-level research awards, published more than 100 quality papers and over 10 monographs as well.

The school enjoys fruitful achievements in talent training and it is now home to 1100 and more full-time undergraduate students and 200 odd postgraduate students. The initial employment rate of undergraduates has been over 98% for years. In the past five years, students have won more than 30 international and national awards such as MCM/ICM and hundreds of awards in various provincial and ministerial competitions. A large number of undergraduates have been admitted to graduate schools in Beijing University, Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Columbia University, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Chicago and other well-known institutions at home and abroad.

The school continues to promote the internationalization process. In 2020, it successfully introduced one high-level foreign teacher and flexibly introduced two foreign professors. In recent years, the school has signed framework agreements with Tsing Hua University and Chengchi University in Taiwan, selecting outstanding students for study visits and exchanges in Taiwan. In addition, the school establishes summer classes overseas and sends students to the University of Cambridge, Harvard University and other traditional famous universities in Europe and America for exchanges and study, continuously expanding the platform for talent cultivation.

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