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School of Public Management

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With "Precise management for the public, benevolent governance all-under-heaven" as the motto, the School of Public Management (MPA Education Center) is striving to make itself a high-level research school.

As an institution entitled to grant Master's degrees of a first-class discipline, the school offers six postgraduate programs and meanwhile six undergraduate programs. And it boasts one first-class provincial-level discipline and one school-level discipline. Besides, one first-class national-level program and one first-class provincial-level program are under construction at the school. Over 800 full-time undergraduates and over 300 postgraduates are now studying in the school.

The school owns an excellent faculty team of 65 members, among whom 80% are full-time teachers, including 16 professors and 19 associate professors. Of the teachers, 9 are Doctoral supervisors and 35 Master's supervisors, and 58% of the teachershave an internationaleducation background while 90% hold doctoral degrees. In addition, the school has one provincial high-level innovation team.

The school has achieved a lot in research. In the recent five years, the faculty members have published some 30 works and over 280 papers in journals like Journal of Political Science and Management World, among which 120 papers are published in SSCI and SCI indexed journals, and 6 are listed as ESI Highly Cited Papers. As for the research program, the school has undertaken 52 National Projects and 108 Provincial Projects. And it also owns 70 Invention Patents, and has won 13 provincial or above awards.

In addition, the talent cultivation in our schoolhas provedto be excellent. In the past 5 years, the employment rates of undergraduate and postgraduate students were 97% and 100% respectively. More than 40 papers were published in national academic journals and over 80 provincial research programs were approved. Some 100 students here have been admitted for their postgraduate study by well-known universities such as Peking University and University College London. We are steadily promoting International communication in our school. Overseas exchange programs in summer vacation have been set up for sponsoring students to go to Singapore and Japan for their academic visiting in summer vacation.

The school has engaged in a wide range of social services. In the past five years, we have undertaken more than 200 local services projects with total cooperation funds of more than 40 million yuan. The research achievements of 39 projects have been highly acknowledged and appreciated by leaders above the provincial level.

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