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Kazakhstan Alumni Association Established

Time:June 13, 2019  clicks:

On June 12, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE) held the inaugural meeting of the Kazakhstan Alumni Association (KAA). Jianxin Huang, the vice president and secretary-general of the Alumni Association, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee at ZUFE, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The heads of the School of International Education & Studies and the Alumni Office and nearly 30 alumni from Kazakhstan attended the inaugural meeting.

Mr. Huang introduced to the alumni positive efforts made by ZUFE to promote Sino-Kazakhstan friendly cooperation in recent years, informed about the alumni's work, construction of overseas alumni associations and preparations for the 45th anniversary of ZUFE, and sincerely invited Kazakhstan alumni to return to ZUFE for its 45th anniversary celebrations. He hoped that the alumni would make further efforts to continuously strengthen the construction of the alumni association, build a bridge of friendship and connection between China and Kazakhstan, and make contributions to the construction and development of ZUFE and to the friendship between China and Kazakhstan.

SAPAR AYAN, the president of KAA, said in his speech that he had been determined to study in China since he was a child. During the four years at his alma mater, ZUFE, he had deeply felt the profoundness of Chinese culture and deeply felt the rapid development of China. He was also proud of the rapid development of ZUFE in recent years and would actively cooperate with the alumni of ZUFE, tell a good story of China, and be a qualified ambassador of ZUFE.

Mr. Huang issued letters of appointment and awarded the flag respectively to Sapar Ayan, president of KAA, Gubaidulin Vladislav, vice president, and Askarbek Temirlan, secretary general.

KAA is the 10th overseas alumni association of ZUFE.