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Prof. Finn Kydland Joins Nobel Prize in Economics Workstation at ZUFE

Time:April 25, 2019  clicks:

On April 20, Finn Kydland, Nobel Laureate in Economics and Professor of Economics at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California Santa Barbara, came to ZUFE to sign up for joining the Nobel Prize in Economics Workstation and was awarded an honorary professorship. Leaders of the university Xiaomin Zhong, Jianxin Huang, Rumeng Li, and the heads of functional departments and units as well as representatives of teachers and students attended the induction ceremony.

Mr. Zhong welcomed Professor Kydland and introduced ZUFE's talent training, discipline development, and international exchange. He said that Professor Kydland's joining the workstation marked that the workstation is increasingly showcasing its international influence, and hoped that both sides could further strengthen communication in the future.

Prof. Kydland expressed his gratitude to the university for the warm reception. He said that joining the workstation has laid a good foundation for cooperation between the two sides, and that he would visit ZUFE regularly and carry out substantial cooperation and exchange with ZUFE next.

Then, Mr. Zhong presented an honorary professorship certificate to Prof. Kydland, and Mr. Li signed a cooperation agreement with Kidland on behalf of ZUFE. Prof. Kydland presented his signed book to the Library of Nobel Prize Collections in Economics, and Mr. Zhong accepted the donation on behalf of ZUFE.

Prof. Kydland also visited the Library of Nobel Prize Collections in Economics and gave an academic lecture on "National Economic Policy and Economic Growth" to students and faculty.

Prof. Kyndland is the second Nobel Laureate in Economics to join the workstation, enriching the collections of the Library of Nobel Prize Collections in Economics of ZUFE, activating the university's scientific research resources, effectively playing the role of Nobel Laureate scientific research leadership, and also further benefiting teachers and students.