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Forum for Listed Companies Held at ZUFE

Time:June 29, 2021  clicks:

Between June 26 to June 27, the 2021 Forum for China's Listed Companies was held in Shanghai, with themes of "the new stage as a basis, new technologies as the advancement, and a new pattern as an establishment." It was co-sponsored by the Shanghai Committee of the China National Democratic Construction Association, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, AllBright Law Offices, and ZUFE. More than 500 representatives were present at this forum, including Hanmin Zhou, vice chairman of the Shanghai CPPCC, Hai Song, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Xueming Qian, vice chairman of the Guangxi CPPCC, Jianchun Cai, general manager of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Jinchang Li, secretary of ZUFE's Party Committee, Xiaodong Xu, vice president of ZUFE and chairman of the Forum for China's Listed Companies, Shengyang Wang, vice chairman of the Shanghai Committee of the China National Democratic Construction Association, and professionals from securities regulatory authorities, academia, a number of publicly traded companies and enterprises proposed to be listed. Mr. Song, Mr. Xu, and Mr. Wang co-chaired the forum.

In Mr. Cai's speech, he expressed his congratulations on the successful conducting of the meeting, and hoped to give full play to the role of this forum for listed companies. He believed that improving the quality of public companies was the top priority in comprehensively deepening the reform of the capital market.

Mr. Li introduced ZUFE's achievements in running its schools in recent years, hoping to further deepen the exchanges and cooperation with friends from all walks of life and looking forward to the Forum for China's Listed Companies to continue to play a constructive role in China's capital market.

The 2021 China Listed Companies Comprehensive Competitiveness Ranking Evaluation Report was released by Xiaohong Zhang, chairman of this forum, dean of ZUFE-ICFR, and senior partner of AllBright Law Offices. This report has formed its comprehensive competitiveness evaluation system by combing through, comparing, and calculating various indicators of listed companies in China, and adopting scientific research methods.

Ti Liu, deputy general manager of Shanghai Stock Exchange, elaborated five new trends in the recent development of the Sci-Tech Innovation Board (STAR), and combined these new tendencies to raise the issues that needed to receive attention for enterprises and investors.

Bo Jia, chairman of Huatai-PineBridge Assets Management Co., Ltd. publicized the "Huatai-PineBridge Investments-CSI Corporate Core Competitiveness 50 ETF" which was the first university-enterprise partnership fund. The issuance of this fund would provide diversified options for investors in the financial market, which also demonstrated the huge potential of enterprise-university-research collaboration.