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ZUFE-KESRC Joined Zhejiang "Belt and Road" Research Think-tank Alliance as One of Its Founding Members

Time:September 3, 2021  clicks:

On September 1, the Seminar on Chinese President Jinping Xi's concept of "Harmony, Coexistence, and A Community of Shared Future for Humanity" and the Launch Ceremony of the "Belt and Road" Initiative Research Think-Tank Alliance in Zhejiang Province were held at Zhejiang Normal University. The Kazakhstan Economic and Social Research Center of ZUFE (ZUFE-KESRC) joined the alliance as one of its founding members.

At the conference, lively discussions were conducted among heads of alliance members, experts, and scholars from universities and colleges, centered around Xi's concept of harmony, coexistence, and a community of shared future for humankind. Professor Muhong Yu, director of ZUFE-KESRC, gave a keynote speech entitled "Cooperation in Production Capacity among Countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ - As Exemplified by China-Kazakhstan Cooperation in Industrial Capacity", elaborating the achievements made through China-Kazakhstan cooperation in recent years and in ZUFE's theoretical research as well as practical results in this regard. The speech was highly acclaimed by conference attendees.

The alliance is aimed at actively implementing the work requirements of the Proposal for Establishing and Perfecting Think Tanks and Pooling Wisdom issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and vigorously promoting the organized, coordinated, and systematic efforts made by members to further their missions in this regard so as to effectively contribute to the development of the "Belt and Road" Initiative.