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ZUFE Held the Third International Young Scholar Forum

Time:November 19, 2021  clicks:

On Nov. 17 - 18, ZUFE held the Third International Young Scholar Forum (the forum). More than 100 outstanding young scholars from well-known universities at home and abroad attended the forum online. President Xiaomin Zhong, Vice President Jincai Dong, and heads of relevant functional departments and schools attended the opening ceremony moderated by Jincai Dong.

On behalf of the staff of ZUFE, Xiaomin Zhong welcomed all the young talents who attended the forum online, and made a brief introduction to ZUFE. He pointed out that ZUFE adheres to the strategy of "development by embracing talents," and warmly welcomed talents from all over the world with the broad-mindedness of a sea into which hundreds of streams flow. He said that ZUFE will make its best effort to provide outstanding talents with stable resources and policies for them to conduct their research, continuously improve the physical conditions and cultural environment for the growth of outstanding talents, and build an efficient and effective talent ecosystem by attracting the best talents, putting them in the best places, retaining them for the best opportunities, and rotating them for the best path of growth. He sincerely welcomed all the young scholars to join ZUFE in witnessing and creating a more brilliant tomorrow for the university.

At the opening ceremony, the heads of the Office of Discipline Affairs, the Office of Scientific Research, and the Personnel Office respectively introduced the development of disciplines, systems of scientific research, and talent policies of ZUFE. In the plenary session, keynote speeches were delivered by Prof. Junxiong Fang, who was selected into the "Changjiang Scholars" Youth Program of the Ministry of Education of China, Prof. Chen Ling, who was awarded top young talent of the provincial “Ten Thousand Talents Program,” and Dr. Chenglu Jin, who is the head of the Department of Finance.

The forum featured nine panel sessions, in which participants discussed and exchanged views on key, high-interest research topics.

Since 2019, ZUFE has successfully held the forum three times. The forum provides a communication platform for young scholars to know about and seek employment with ZUFE, and effectively promotes academic exchange and cooperation among young scholars.