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ZUFE Holds the Signing and Donation Ceremony of Guorui Fund

Time:March 10, 2023  clicks:

ZUFE held the signing and donation ceremony of the Guorui Fund on March 9. Zhejiang Guorui Digital Technology Co., Ltd (Guorui Digital) donated RMB 2 million for the establishment of Guorui Fund to the School of Business Administration of ZUFE. Zhong Xiaomin, Deputy Secretary of ZUFE’s Party Committee and President of ZUFE, Xu Xiaodong, Member of the ZUFE’s Party Committee and Vice president of ZUFE, and Xu Haiping, Chairman of Guorui Digital, attended the ceremony. Also in attendance were officers from Guorui Digital, including Zhang Youfen, Li Xuhan, Huang Wenjian, and Zhang Yuntao.

On behalf of ZUFE, Zhong Xiaomin extended his warm welcome to Xu Haiping and his colleagues and introduced ZUFE’s history and development. Zhong Xiaomin acknowledged Guorui Digital’s sincere heart for education and appreciated its strong support for the university’s development. Meanwhile, he expressed his hope that the two sides could further strengthen communications and cooperation. He proposed building a platform for digital and intellectual innovation and exchanges, as well as establishing a sound cooperation system and mechanism. The goal of these efforts would be to develop more talent in the field for the development of society.

Xu Haiping stated that Guorui Digital was a national high-tech enterprise focusing on new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and digital twins, with a “core products, solutions, and ecological cooperation” model adopted. The establishment of the Guorui Fund was to support the educational cause of ZUFE and cultivate more innovative talent with new business thinking and digital intelligence, he added.            



At the signing and donation ceremony, Zhong Xiaomin awarded him a donation certificate and Xu Xiaodong presented a memorial cup to him. Zhang Hongying, Director of the Office of Social Cooperation, and Wang Jianming, Dean of the School of Business Administration signed the donation agreement with Xu Haiping. On behalf of the School of Business Administration, Huang Weihua, Secretary of its Party Committee, accepted the donation cheque.

Heads of the Office of Social Cooperation, the Academic Affairs Office, and the School of Business Administration were in attendance.