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Langyuan Calligraphy and Painting Society Receives Provincial Commendation

Time:February 2, 2023  clicks:

Recently, the Bureau of Retired Veteran Cadres of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPC granted a group of provincial-level “Yinshang Talents,” “Home of Yinshang,” and “Lehuo Station” awards. ZUFE’s Langyuan Calligraphy and Painting Society was awarded the title of the “Yinshang Talents” group.

Established in 2001, the Langyuan Calligraphy and Painting Society now has over 30 members, who are calligraphers, painters, and amateurs among ZUFE’s retired cadres. Upholding the concept of “happy calligraphy and painting, promoting culture, and serving the society,” the members of the Society are earnestly learning and exchanging their experiences. They actively create works for exhibitions, promote advanced culture, and add positive energy to society, which provides them with happiness and worthiness.

In recent years, ZUFE has actively catered to the aspirations of elderly comrades for a better life, continuously deepened the brand building of the “Yinshang Lehuo,” and deeply excavated and carefully cultivated a group of “Yinshang Talents” with distinctive advantages and obvious driving effects. The Langyuan Calligraphy and Painting Society’s award as a provincial “Yinshang Talents” team fully demonstrates the spiritual pursuit of “enjoying life at any age” and the positive mentality of “happy to learn and act” among ZUFE’s retired cadres.