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ZUFE's Six Cases Included in the 14th "National Top 100 Excellent Management Cases"

Time:September 13, 2023  clicks:

Recently, the 14th "National Top 100 Excellent Management Cases", the selection of which was guided by the National Business Administration Graduate Education Steering Committee and sponsored by the China Management Case Sharing Center, was unveiled. ZUFE's 6 Cases were among them.

The series of cases led by Prof. Dai Weiqi, Prof. Wang Shanshan, Associate Prof. Zhou Dan, and Dr. He Jinjiang of the School of Business Administration, and titled "The Digital Advancement Journey of Wolong (1992-2022)", "Shunzhi Cloud Rises: the Most Powerful Brain - Shunzhi Cloud Industrial Internet Platform Accelerates", "Resonance with the Times: The Road of Digital Service Transformation of Wolong Group", "Leading Enterprise Incubation Platform: The Road of Industrial Brain Construction of Wolong Group", were included as key cases. The case titled "From Win-Win to Common Prosperity: Light-Year’s Path to Green and Low Carbon Development" authored by Prof. Wang Yuemei from the School of Business was selected as a general case. Additionally, the case titled "China Baoan's 'Golden Parachute' Plan: A Corporate 'Safety Net' or 'Executives' 'Golden Meal Ticket'?" authored by Prof. Zhao Yuheng from the School of Accounting was selected as a micro case.

"Top 100 Excellent Cases" is the highest award in the field of national business administration cases, and has been continuously included in the discipline evaluation index system of the Ministry of Education and the national professional degree level evaluation index system, playing an important role in promoting the quality of talent training and discipline professional development. In recent years, the discipline of Business Administration in ZUFE has been rooted in Zhejiang, serving the country and integrating into the world. To accelerate the development of China's management discipline system, academic system, and discourse system, ZUFE has worked together with top-notch enterprises, integrating theory with practice and research with teaching, and has developed a number of high-quality and original management cases, making ZUFE's contributions to the training of new business talents.