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International Conference on Statistics and Data Sciences 2019 Held at ZUFE

Time:December 25, 2019  clicks:

International Conference on Statistics and Data Sciences 2019 was held at the Xiasha campus of ZUFE from December 17 to 19. More than 30 experts and scholars from universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad gathered together to have in-depth discussions and exchanges on the theories, methods and applications of statistics and data sciences. The opening ceremony was hosted by Xingjian Hong, Dean of the School of Data Sciences.

Vice President Zhanrong Li briefly introduced the basic situation of ZUFE and related disciplines in his speech, and said that the Conference provided a platform for ZUFE to exchange and learn with brother colleges and universities at home and abroad. He also hoped that all the experts present would continue to care about and support the development of ZUFE, and provide valuable suggestions on discipline development, talent training, and social service.

Professor Zhengyan Lin from the School of Mathematical Sciences of Zhejiang University and Professor Riquan Zhang, Dean of the School of Statistics of East China Normal University, extended their congratulations to the opening of the Conference in their speeches, and noted that the experts and scholars invited came from different countries and universities and they had an in-depth exploration on two closely related topics, statistics and data science, which will surely promote the development of statistics and data sciences in China.

Six keynote speeches were delivered in the Conference and a number of experts and scholars from China, the United States, Australia and other countries conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges focusing on hot issues concerning statistics and data sciences including statistical inference, dimension reduction, instrumental variables and model selection of complex data.

The Conference enhanced the integration of statistics and data sciences with other social fields, providing a valuable opportunity for participants to have academic exchanges, and hence broaden the vision, accumulating experience for the development of Statistics discipline of ZUFE.