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ZUFE’s “General Theory of Social Sciences” Discipline Ranked Top 1% in ESI Global Ranking for the First Time

Time:November 12, 2021  clicks:

Recently, ZUFE’s “General Theory of Social Sciences” Discipline was ranked among the top 1% in the ESI Global Ranking, according to the latest data released by Clarivate Analytics in its Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database. It thus became the second discipline at ZUFE that was listed in the ESI ranking, following Engineering.

Essential Science Indicators (ESI) is an analytical metrical tool that is built on the more than 12,000 journals and over 10,000,000 academic article records indexed by SCI and SSCI. ESI has established itself as one of the most important measurements applied worldwide to review the scholarly performance and impact of higher education institutions, academic organizations, and countries or regions.