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The 2022 Graduation Works Exhibition of Undergraduate Students of the School of Arts Declared Open

Time:April 22, 2022  clicks:

The 2022 Graduation Works Exhibition of Undergraduate Students of the School of Arts was officially opened on April 21 at Puhua Theater. Xu Xiaodong, the Vice President and Member of the Party Committee of the University, attended and opened the exhibition. Heads of functional departments, all faculty and staff of the School of Arts, 2022 graduates, and representatives of alumni attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

With the theme of "Starting from Zhejiang", this exhibition showed more than 160 works by graduates of four majors including Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Photography, and Fine Arts. The exhibition covered the design scheme serving the economic and social development of Zhejiang's urban and rural areas, images of Zhejiang's regional culture, calligraphy based on traditional art language, the curatorial experimental program for social aesthetic education, and so on. The diverse expressions of art and design in the exhibition not only presented the graduates’ diligent professional exploration, but also the vivid embodiment of the students’s artistic quest resonating with the time.

The School of Arts aims at the quality of talent training, and constantly reforms the practice of teaching to foster high-quality students who meet the demands of social development and the local economy. In undergraduate teaching, the students and teachers of the School work together to facilitate rural revitalization and common prosperity geared toward a more prosperous Zhejiang with art and design by deeply fitting into society and fully exploring local culture.

Running until April 29, the exhibition awaits all students and teachers to visit.