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Set Sail and Fight for Your Future! 2022 Freshman Opening Ceremony Held at ZUFE

Time:September 6, 2022  clicks:

On the evening of September 6, ZUFE was lit up by our fresh "stars".

4881 undergraduates, 1016 postgraduates

and 24 Ph.D. students

gathered here, crossing mountains and seas

bearing the honorable title of “ZUFEers".

Here, they will jointly realize their dreams and enjoy rhythm of their youth.

Their ideas and dreams will start here, in ZUFE.

On the evening of September 6, the Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE) Opening Ceremony for 2022 Freshman was held in the West Stadium of ZUFE Xiasha Campus. 4881 undergraduates, 1016 postgraduates, and 24 Ph.D. students from all over the world officially joined the big family of ZUFE, where they could write a new chapter in their lives and enjoy the rhythm of youth with burning enthusiasm and vigorous spirits.

University leaders participating in the Opening Ceremony were Li Jinchang, Zhong Xiaomin, Huang Jianxin, Yu Jiansen, Wang Kuiquan, Sun Xudong, Xu Xiaodong, Dong Jincai, Shen Tuli, and Lou Danqun. Heads of Schools and relevant functional departments, faculty representatives, alumnus representatives, headteachers, and counselors of first-year students and all 2022 freshmen attended the Opening Ceremony, too. The Ceremony was presided over by Yu Jiansen, CPC Vice Secretary of ZUFE.

The Opening Ceremony kicked off with the majestic national anthem.

Li Jinchang, CPC Secretary of ZUFE, and other school leaders put on the University Emblems for the freshmen representatives. University Emblem is the symbol of a school. And the emblem-wearing activity means that each freshman will embark on their new journey as ZUFEers. The University Motto "Pursuing virtue and academic excellence and keeping pace with the times" can be seen clearly on the Emblem, which carries the dream of every new ZUFEer.

The President of ZUFE said, freshmen should shoulder responsibilities in the new journey and live up to the choices they have made for their life. He hoped that every student will actively uphold the motto, spend their best time of youth in ZUFE with burning enthusiasm and high spirits, and draw a more brilliant picture for their life!

Zhong Xiaomin, CPC Vice Secretary and President of ZUFE, gave a speech entitled “Shoulder the Responsibilities and Respect Your Choices in the New Journey". He pointed out that the university was the place where students could shape and enhance their self-selection ability. In recent years, the school has carried out reforms to upgrade the talent cultivation system characterized by "a wide range of disciplines, a focus on laying down a solid professional foundation, a highlight on strong application ability, and customized offers". ZUFE wishes to build a more flexible system allowing students to select and graduate from a major of their choice, thereby facilitating students' personal development and free exploration. President Zhong suggested that students should attach due importance to every choice they make in professional courses, activities, competitions, further education, or employment. Besides, they should carefully read the program for each major, and choose the best development path, and strive to become builders and successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics by improving in terms of their moral, intellectual and fitness level as well as in their appreciation of aesthetics and equipping themselves with a financial and business thinking, humanistic empathy, and physical and mental health.

As how to make a better choice, Zhong Xiaomin offered two suggestions:

First, we must constantly improve our ability to make choices. When facing a choice, students need to collect information, then think about and evaluate it scientifically. It is vital for students to know who they are and understand what reality is like. They need to be brave enough to accumulate knowledge and life experience to enhance their choice-making abilities. Freshmen should change the way they see and understand things, broaden their horizons and comprehend social changes with an open mind and a historical view, thus becoming more proud, confident, and assured to live up to the expectations of the times. Freshmen need to pay enough attention to consolidating their professional skills and giving priority to integrating these skills with other disciplines. Only in this way can they break disciplinary barriers and develop both critical thinking and creative thinking abilities. What's more, it is also important for freshmen to actively engage in social practices and understand that knowledge and action should go hand in hand. That means students should proactively participate in various activities, including innovation and entrepreneurship, social research, scientific research, and discipline competitions.

Second, students should be responsible for every choice they make. Since they have chosen ZUFE, they need to shoulder the responsibility and commitment required of ZUFEers. They should uphold the University Motto "Pursuing virtue and academic excellence and keeping pace with the times". They should be responsible for themselves by improving their capabilities in all respects and be responsible for society by devoting themselves to social undertakings. He encouraged students to start their journey while keeping their responsibilities firmly in mind and never regret the choices they make. And he hoped that every ZUFEer could uphold the motto, spend the best time of their youth at ZUFE with burning enthusiasm and high spirits, and draw a more brilliant picture for their life!

A teacher representative said: Live your dream, and live it to the fullest without any regrets.

Huang Li from the School of Public Administration of ZUFE, the first prize winner of micro-courses for political education in the 2nd National Teaching Innovation Contest for College Teachers, gave a speech at the Opening Ceremony on behalf of the faculty of ZUFE. She hoped that the students could aim high and be willing to devote themselves to society, learn to be independent and innovative, develop the qualities of perseverance and resilience, and understand the importance of collaboration and inclusiveness.

An alumni representative said: Be prepared, learn to be tenacious, communicate and collaborate with others, and think independently.

Wang Jiajun, Chairman of Zhejiang Bee Words Group, graduated from the School of Economics of ZUFE in 2007 with a BA degree in International Economics and Trade. He shared his experiences with all the freshmen and hoped that they could embrace and enjoy their campus life at ZUFE. Wang suggested that they should get ready to start a new journey, learn to be tenacious, try to communicate and collaborate with others, and learn to think independently.

New ZUFEers said: At ZUFE, we can learn professional knowledge, share our understanding of individual development, and realize our dreams together.

Shang Na from the School of Humanities and Communication and Ph.D. student Ma Kejia from China Academy of Financial Research attended the Opening Ceremony on behalf of undergraduate and postgraduate students, respectively. They called on all the freshmen to strengthen their moral integrity by understanding their internal needs and devote themselves to social and professional practices. Nowadays, China is at a crucial stage of speeding up its innovative development and striding toward the second centenary goal. Therefore, as Chinese youth of the new era, it is important for them to shoulder their responsibilities, follow the trends, embrace the changes, seek happiness for the Chinese people, drive social progress, and realize the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Before the Ceremony, brilliant performances from the Art Troupe of ZUFE stirred people's enthusiasm, such as the street dance shows YOUNG and FIND YOUR WAY from the street dance group, the Sun from the pop music studio, the dancing & singing performance of Running Youth, and aerobics dancing performance by the aerobics team. The melodies and rhythms brought people’s enthusiasm into full play. The applause and cheers echoed across the night sky here at ZUFE.

The 2022 Opening Ceremony ended with the school song Sail Away with You. And paper airplanes made by the freshmen flew into the sky together with their dreams. The freshmen of 2022 will quickly adapt to their new life at ZUFE, write a new chapter of their dreams and aspirations in their life, and create a brighter future!

@ALL 2022 Freshmen

Boundless is the ocean

Where we sail with the wind.

Let’s wish our future life at ZUFE

can pass like mighty waves,

can shine bright like stars,

and come to fruition like spring blossoms.

We wish every ZUFEer can truly care for ZUFE,

and spend their best time of youth at ZUFE.


Let’s set sail and start our new journey.