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2023 Postgraduate Commencement and Degree Awarding Ceremony Held

Time:March 16, 2023  clicks:

On March 16th, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE) held its postgraduate graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony at the Xiasha Campus. The event was attended by school leaders, including Li Jinchang, Zhong Xiaomin, Huang Jianxin, Yu Jiansen, Wang Kuiquan, Sun Xudong, Xu Xiaodong, Dong Jincai, Shentu Li, and Lou Danqun, as well as heads of relevant departments, leaders of each school’s research institute, postgraduate mentor representatives, all graduating postgraduates, current student representatives, and representatives of families and friends. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Kuiquan, a member of ZUFE's Party Committee and Vice President.


School leaders conferring awards on the representatives of National Scholarship winners, Schoolwork Scholarship winners, Merit Postgraduates, and Excellent Postgraduate Cadres


School leaders conferring awards on the Excellent Graduates representatives


ZUFE’s Vice Party Secretary and President Zhong Xiaomin delivering a speech

In his impassioned speech titled Pursuing Aspirations, Upholding Fundamental Principles and Breaking New Ground, Keeping Pace with the Times, ZUFEs Vice Party Secretary and President, Zhong Xiaomin, set forth four expectations for the graduates. Firstly, they should shoulder their responsibilities and relentlessly pursue their dreams. This means following the Partys guidance, setting high aims, staying grounded, and taking bold action while ensuring they can deliver. They should aspire to become part of the new eras great young generation, one that embodies high aspirations, responsibility, determination, and devotion. Their youthfulness and vitality will shine bright as they work towards making the country and nation stronger for the people. Secondly, the graduates should work hard in grassroots-level positions with dedication and perseverance, taking on responsibilities and challenges and refraining from idle talk or trivial pursuits. Hard work and a relentless pursuit of goals will help them gain knowledge and adapt to their surroundings. Thirdly, the graduates should uphold fundamental principles and commit to lifelong learning habits. They should approach knowledge with an open and humble attitude and consider learning a way of life and spiritual pursuit. Continuous effort to acquire knowledge can help them overcome their fears and develop excellent skills. Finally, the graduates should use their wisdom to pursue exploration and innovation with determination. They should be fearless when taking risks and stepping into unknown territory. By nurturing their inherent innovative drive and integrating their knowledge, capabilities, qualities, and character, they can pave their way towards innovation-driven development.

The ceremony commenced with the national anthem, setting a solemn tone. Deputy Party Committee Secretary, Huang Jianxin, then announced the appointment of alumni liaisons and recognized outstanding postgraduates. Subsequently, another Deputy Party Committee Secretary, Yu Jiansen, announced the graduation certificate and degree awarding certificate for postgraduates. School leaders then presented certificates to representative graduates and congratulated them on their achievements.


Mentor representative Fang Junxiong delivering a speech


Graduate representative Lin Wenjie delivering a speech


Graduate representatives presenting flowers to mentor representatives

Mentor representative Fang Junxiong urged the graduates to approach their future endeavors with composure and optimism. Following this, graduate representative Lin Wenjie shared her thoughts on her academic journey and expressed her sincere gratitude to ZUFE and her mentor. Graduate representatives then presented flowers to mentor representatives as a token of appreciation and farewell.


School leaders conferring degrees on graduates

All graduates received their degrees from the school leaders, with the occasion being witnessed by the students teachers, family, and friends. It was a solemn and joyous moment for all.


Prior to the ceremony, graduates shared their stories of growth and extended their best wishes for their future journeys through passionate singing. The venue was filled with joy, as the big screen displayed smiling faces and twinkling cell phone flashlights. The graduation video, Throughout the Years, showcased the 915-day postgraduate journey of the 780 graduates and their aspirations. The emotional video allowed everyone to relive their journeys in a heartwarming atmosphere.


As spring awakens with new life, the Class of 2023 graduates and commences a new journey. Congratulations to all the graduates and their families, and best wishes for a bright and successful future ahead!