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ZUFE Holds 2022 Forum on Digital Economy and Common Prosperity of International Symposium on Digital Economy

Time:December 29, 2022  clicks:

Sponsored by the organizing committee of the International Symposium on Digital Economy and undertaken by the School of Economics of ZUFE and the Zhejiang Academy of “Double Eight Strategy, the 2022 Forum on Digital Economy and Common Prosperity of International Symposium on Digital Economy was recently held online. More than 160 experts and scholars from universities and research institutions across the country attended the conference online. Li Jinchang, Secretary of ZUFE’s Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

On behalf of the university, Li Jinchang extended his congratulations on the opening of the forum and welcomed all the leaders and guests who attended the meeting. He said that ZUFE would take the forum as an opportunity to further strengthen exchange and collaboration with domestic peer universities and scientific research institutions, constantly improve the strength of running the university and the ability to serve economic and social development, and contribute more “ZUFE Power” to promote high-quality development and achieve common prosperity.

Song Donglin, Professor of Jilin University, Hong Yongmiao, Professor of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, He Ying, Professor of Shanghai Business School, Kevin W. Li, Professor of the University of Windsor, Canada, Qiu Bin, Professor of Southeast University, Wang Linhui, Professor of East China Normal University, Hong Xinjian, Professor of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Zheng Xiaobi, Professor of Zhejiang Normal University, Ma Shuzhong, Professor of Zhejiang University, and Tang Yaojia, Professor of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics made the keynote reports of: “Training of Economic Talents in the Digital Economy Era: Changes and Alternation,” “Economic Influence and Measurement of Government and Market Psychology Factors,” “Taking the Development of Legal Digital Currency as the Starting point to Build Shanghai's RMB Cross-Border Payment Hub Position,” “Competition between Manufacturers and Sharing Economy Platforms: An Owner Base and Sharing Utility Perspective,” “Digital Economy, Inclusive Growth and Common Prosperity,” “Artificial Intelligence Application, Labor Wage and Task Bias,” “Some Thoughts on the Calculation of Digital Economy,” “Transaction Efficiency, Digital Economy and Common Prosperity: Ultra Marginal General Equilibrium Analysis of Division Network,” “Consumers in the Perspective of Digital Trade,and “Digital Economy, Market Structure and Innovation Performance,” respectively.

At the parallel forum, experts and scholars at the seminar delivered paper reports and comments on the topics of the digital economy and income distribution, the digital economy and coordinated development of urban and rural areas, the digital economy and modern industrial system, the digital economy and public policy. At the parallel forum on journal dynamics and academic innovation, the chief editors and editors of more than 20 domestic Chinese academic journals conducted in-depth exchanges with young scholars on topics such as key contributions, paper writing, and innovation.