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The 5th Zhejiang Innovation Contest for Intelligent Construction and Management Holds Its Final in ZUFE

Time:December 23, 2022  clicks:

Recently, the final of the 5th Zhejiang Innovation Contest for Intelligent Construction and Management was held at ZUFE’s Xiasha campus. Twenty teams from ten universities in the province participated in the Contest both online and offline.

The entries for the Contest included research reports, business plans, physical inventions, devices and equipment, software, and so on, all of which demonstrated the participants’ capacity to investigate engineering and manage issues by utilizing information technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modeling), IoT (the Internet of Things), big data, artificial intelligence, and virtual simulation.

After a hard-fought contest and on-site review, three special prizes, three first prizes, six second prizes, eight third prizes, and two excellent organization prizes were awarded. Our teams won one special prize, one first prize, two second prizes, one third prize, and one excellent organization prize.

Sponsored by the Academic Committee on Engineering Management of Zhejiang Province Civil Engineering & Architectural Society and hosted by ZUFE, this Contest aimed to encourage young college students to boldly attempt and actively innovate on hot issues and future development in the field of urban and rural construction management, comprehensively enhance their innovative thinking and scientific research capacity, build their team spirit, and improve their innovation and practical skills in engineering management.