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Prof. Joshua Angrist, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, delivers a Lecture at ZUFE

Time:July 28, 2023  clicks:

Renowned economist and Nobel Laureate, Prof. Joshua Angrist, visited ZUFE on July 26 and delivered a lecture at Xiasha campus. The event was jointly organized by the School of Economics, the School of Public Finance and Taxation, the School of Finance, the China Institute of Regulation Research, and the China Academy of Financial Research. Over 200 faculty members and students attended the lecture which was presided over by Prof. Wang Congcong, dean of the School of Finance.

Prof. Joshua Angrist began his lecture by posing the question of whether MIT students were more successful simply because they attended MIT. He then led to several approaches and methods in applied econometrics by drawing on his research findings.

Transitioning from the topic of methodology of econometrics, he focused on the theme of the lecture "The Illusion of Elite Education". He presented the fact that students who enrolled in elite universities did not actually benefit from them, since these students were inherently talented and destined for success. Lastly, Prof. Angrist reiterated the importance of econometrics and urged everyone not to excessively idolize individual stories of success. And he encouraged participants to try to use econometric tools to explain problems in real life.

Prof. Joshua Angrist's lecture aroused a strong interest among faculty members and students present. During the Q&A session, they actively engaged with Prof. Angrist in exchanging ideas. Participants expressed their appreciation for this enlightening experience.