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ZUFE Visiting Programs in Cooperative Institutions (Long-term: more than 3 months)
No. Country / Region School Level Duration Tuition and Fee Application time
1 United States University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate/Master 1 Semester Approximately USD 19, 000 -30, 000 for credit courses(Tuition fees vary depending on different programs)
Approximately USD 12, 000 for language courses
The approximate time: registration in March, dispatch in the fall term; registration in September, dispatch in the spring term. For details, please visit:
2 United States Columbia University in the City of New York Undergraduate/Master 1 Semester Approximately USD 28, 700 for credit courses
Approximately USD 16, 300 for language courses
3 United States University of California, San Diego Undergraduate/Master 1 Semester Approximately USD 13, 000 for credit courses
Approximately USD 8, 710 for language courses
4 United States University of Wisconsin-Madison Undergraduate/Master 1 Semester Approximately USD 18, 000 for undergraduate credit courses;
approximately USD 14, 000 for graduate credit courses
Approximately USD 11, 000 for language courses
5 Canada University of Victoria Undergraduate 1 Semester CAD 8, 818
6 United States Montclair State University Disney Internship Program 1 Semester USD 6, 500
7 United States University at Albany, State University of New York Undergraduate/Master 1 Semester or 1 year Fees vary depending on the courses taken
8 Australia The University of Queensland Undergraduate/Master 1 Semester Approximately AUD 8, 455
Approximately AUD 14, 500
9 Japan Nishogakusha University Undergraduate 1 year 420, 000 yen Managed by the School of Foreign Languages

Note 1: "Long-term programs" refers to the programs students apply to for more than three months'(including 90 days) academic study in foreign or overseas cooperative universities or research institutions.
Note 2: The above mentioned programs comply with adjustments every year. You may refer to the cooperation and exchange section of the official website of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics for more details, or subscribe to the official account of the International Office of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics at the WeChat platform, where information about study abroad and scholarships will be released and updated dynamically.
Note 3: Students may apply for some of the long-term and short-term programs individually through the official websites of foreign cooperative universities. But it is highly recommended for you to purchase insurance, attend the pre-trip training and keep in touch with parents and teachers. If you need to transfer credits, make sure you report to the International Office before the application procedure, strictly conforming to the ZUFE [2017] No. 224 document.
Note 4: For scholarship application and credit transfer, you may refer to the official documents issued by the university (more details are provided in the download section of Study Abroad on the official website of ZUFE).