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School of Finance

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The Schoolof Finance was established in 1999 on the basis of the department of infrastructure finance and credit that was founded in 1986. Characterized by docking new finance and providing serviceto the localeconomy during all these years' development, the school is crowned as "Cradle of Bankers and Fertile Soil for Financial Executives" in Zhejiang Province.

Boasting a complete talent training system, the school offers 5 undergraduate programs, including Finance, Financial Engineering, Insurance, Credit Management, and Investment, and one China-Foreign cooperative program (Finance) authorizedby the Ministryof Education. The school also provides master' sdegreesfor Finance and professional master's degrees for Finance and Insurance, as wellas second-leveldoctoral degrees for Finance. Financeis a provincialfirst-class discipline and the first batch national first-class undergraduate major. Financial Engineering is the firstbatch of provincialfirst-class undergraduatemajors. Bothundergraduate andmaster's degrees are accredited by the CFA Institute. The schoolowns the topmodern financial laboratory featuring "a five-pronged approach" in Zhejiang Province.

The school has a staff of 56 full-time teachers. 50 teachers hold doctoraldegrees, 54% of which have studied abroad. The facultyconsists of 15professors, 15 associate professors, 8 doctoral supervisors and 31 master's supervisors. The school has more than 20 top talents such as talents titled national "Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Project", "National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions", and experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council. In recent years, the school has undertaken one key project sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation, 19 national scientific research projects, and more than 30 provincial scientific research projects. Teachers have published more than 100 research papersin influentialacademic journals at home and abroad, won 4 provincial and ministerial prizes, and published more than 20 monographs.

The research-oriented talent training system featuring openness, research and innovation adopted by the school has further promoted practice skill and research ability of college students. In recent years, students have won more than 400 academic competition awards higher than provincial and ministerial level. The school has been home to most students pursuing further education after graduation in the whole university for consecutive two years. 2020 saw 40.04% of graduates going to prestigious universities at home and abroad such as Columbia University, University College London, Fudan University, etc. for further education. Ten and more masters were admitted to prestigious universities at home and abroad such as University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, RMIT University, etc. for doctoraldegrees.

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