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School of Economics

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The School of Economics is one of the strongest schools in teaching and research in Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE). It enjoys a high reputation with its good profile and influence in the schools of economics in China's universities of finance and economics. The faculty team consists of 85 full-time teachers, including 68 teachers with Ph.D. degrees, 20 professors, 26 associate professors, 9 doctoral supervisors and 47 master's supervisors. Our school now has 1880 full-time students, among whom 1,551 are undergraduate students (including 196 international students) and 329 are postgraduate students (including 31 international students).

There are 3 undergraduate programs in Economics, International Economy and Trade, and Management of National Economy. Among these programs, Economics is a national characteristic program, and International Economy and Trade is selected into the first batch of national first-class construction undergraduate program. In the meantime, the school has two provincial-level first-class disciplines in Applied Economics and Theoretical Economics, with two second-level Ph.D. programs in Industrial Economics and International Trade. Besides, nine second-level degree programs, including Political Economy, Economic History, Western Economics, Population, Resources and Environment Economics, National Economics, Regional Economics, Industrial Economics, International Trade and Quantitative Economics, allow undergraduates to earn their master's degrees. Plus, a professional master's degree program in International Business is also available here.

The school is dedicated to training innovative and entrepreneurial talents with high quality, with an emphasis on the development of students' professional skills, comprehensive quality and innovative and entrepreneurial ability. In the recent five years, undergraduates in our school have won more than 70 awards in provincial-level and above competitions and more than 120 students have been admitted to graduate schools of some prestigious universities, like Columbia University, the London School of Economics and Political Science and so on. As for scientific research, more than 30 national research projects and nearly 90 provincial and ministerial-level research projects were established. In terms of publications, nearly 400 papers in English and Chinese were published. Up to now, the school has won one national award, more than 10 provincial awards, and more than 50 departmental and bureau level awards.

The school has set up the English-taught and YOURCHINA preparatory classes in International Economy and Trade, and the number of international students enrolled in this program is ranked first in our university. To strengthen the international cooperation and exchange, We have invited more than 20 internationally renowned scholars to come to our school, such as Prof. Marie Claire Villeval who is member of The Academy of Europe, Prof. Giovanna Lo Nigro from University of Palermo of Italy and Prof. David Schmeidler from Tel Aviv University of Israel, and meanwhile, we have sent more than 10 teachers as visiting scholars to some famous Universities like Oxford University, Harvard University and Columbia University.

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