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School of Law

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The School of Law is a school with distinctive characteristics and strong competitiveness. The major of Economic Law was approved to enroll undergraduate students in 1998, and the Department of Law was established in 1999. The school was officially founded in 2002. Our school was granted to recruit postgraduate students in Economic Law (Second-level discipline) and was allowed to enroll postgraduate students in Law (first-level discipline) in 2010. In 2012, as a major discipline, Law was approvedfor theprogram in serving the national special needs of doctoral talents, and we were allowed to establish the Zhejiang Collaborative Innovation Center of Social Management and Legalization. Law and Sociology were listed in university-level key disciplines in 2013, and “non-litigation legal talent experimental class” began to recruit students in 2014. In 2016, Law was awarded the program of “the 13th Five-Year Plan” superior professional construction project of universities in Zhejiang Province. In 2017, university-level first-class disciplines absorbed Law and Sociology. Moreover, our school was entitled to open for practical postgraduates in Law in 2018. At the same time, the Zhejiang Institute of Legislation and Rule of Law Strategy was approved to joina provincialnew type university think-tank. In 2019, our school was authorized to be Zhejiang Legal and Social Work Professional Teaching Steering Committee Secretariat unit, and Law was selectedasthe first provincial first-class undergraduate discipline site.

Now our school has two disciplines, Law and Sociology, that were entitled to enroll undergraduate students, among which Law is a provincial-level advantageous discipline with experimentalclassessuitedfor innovative talents and Sociology is a school-level key discipline. We now have established a second-level discipline system for postgraduate students majoring in Law with key courses of jurisprudence, legal history, constitution and administrative law, procedure law, criminal law, civil and commercial law, economic law, international law. We have also formed a second-level discipline direction (applied sociology) for postgraduate students majoring in Sociology. We have five postgraduate programs, including Jurisprudence, Constitution and Administrative Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law, and International Law. Our school has a strong teaching faculty of 60 full-time teachers, among which 18 are professors, 19 are associate professors. 3 professors are doctoral supervisors and 33 professors are master’s supervisors, and 50 teachers in our school have doctoral degrees (including Ph.D. candidates). Our school contains 2 young and middle-aged academic leaders of Zhejiang province, 9 talents of the “New Century 151 Talents Project of Zhejiang province”, 5 “Zhejiang Youth Scholars” of Zhejiang Province, 3 university-level outstanding young and middle-aged supporting program teachers, 5 university-level outstanding supporting program teachers, 4 university-level young and middle-aged academic leaders and 7 university-level young and middle-aged key teachers. Now there are over 800 undergraduate students and postgraduate students in our school.

In the past 5 years, our school has undertaken 66 provincial research projects, published over 150 papers of A Class (secondary level) or above and nearly 40 writings, and got more than 30 instructions from provincial, ministerial and national leaders. We have signed cooperative agreements with more than 60 government agencies, enterprises and institutions and undertaken various local service projects like pre-review of the rationality of local rules and legislative evaluation and argumentation. The horizontal fund of these co-operations is over 6 million yuan.

In addition, the talent cultivation in our schoolhas provento be excellent. In the past five years, the first-time employment rates of undergraduate and graduate students in our school are 96.2% and 100% respectively. We encourage our postgraduate students to take part in all sorts of academic communication to get in touch with the academic frontier, including provincial or above scientific research projects like the Key Ethnic Project of the National Ethnic Affairs Commission. Postgraduate students in our school have published 36 papersin importantacademic journals likeZhejiang Academic Journal, Chinese Social Sciences Today, Habitat International, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. Students have got over 30 prizes including the National Postgraduate Scholarship, the bronze prize in the 3rd China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition, etc.

Our school has collaborated with several universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Taiwan province to provide opportunities for teachers’ communication in teaching and research as well as students’ further education. The school has launched various forms of students’ exchange programs with the University of Missouri-Kansas City such as the “4+1” and “3+1” model, and exchange programs with Chung Yuan Christian University and Shih Hsin University.

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