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School of Foreign Languages

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Founded in 2001, School of Foreign Languages (SFL) consists of three departments and two sections, namely, English Language and Literature Department, Japanese Language and Literature Department, Business English Department, Teaching Section for Non-English Majors and Section for Postgraduate Education. In addition, SFL has several research platforms at the university level, suchas the Centerfor Corpus & Interdisciplinary Studies, Institute of Irish Studies and Institute of Japanese Culture and Economy Studies, etc. In 2006, SFL became one of the first State-level Demonstration Sites for College English Education Reform, and in the same year, it was authorized to grant maste's degrees. In 2007, the English major was listed as a provincial key construction major, and it is now in the first batch of provincial first-class majors. According to the "Evaluation Report on Chinese Universities and Majors (2020-2021)" released by China Science Evaluation Research Center, the competitiveness of our English major is five stars, with a national ranking ratio of 7.85%; the business English major is in the top 20% nationwide. Currently, SFL has three undergraduate majors i.e., English (including English-Spanish), Japanese and Business English, as well as the first-level master's degree program in Foreign Languages and Literature (with four second-level graduate programs in English Language and Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies and Japanese Language and Literature), and the program for Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI). There are approximately 900 full-time undergraduate and graduate students.

The faculty is as broad ranging in its interests and expertise as it is distinguished to ensure high quality of teaching. Currently, the School has 83 full-time teachers including 10 professors and 38 associate professors. Among our faculty members, there are 30 Ph.D., 5 Doctor Candidate Supervisors and 25 Master Candidate Supervisors. Besides, SFL boasts one member of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, 2 experts of the subject group of the 13th Five-Year Plan of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Zhejiang Province, one young and middle-aged subject leader of Zhejiang Province, 2 ZUFE outstanding young and middle-aged teachers as well as one scientific research innovation team at the university level. Most of our teachers have acquired a further education abroad or have had overseas working experiences. Apart from the above outstanding Chinese teachers, foreign experts and teachers are employed all year round. In the past five years, nearly 500 academic papers have been published, a considerable number of which have been published inApplied Linguistics,Journal of Pragmatics,Lingua,System,Language Sciences,Meta,Foreign Language Education & Research,Foreign Literature Review,Zhongguo Yuwen,Chinese Translators Journal,Foreign Literature Studies,Journal of Foreign Languages,Modern Foreign Languages,Contemporary Linguisticsand other top academic journals at home and abroad. In the meanwhile, our research is enhanced by more than 100 research projects at all levels, including 10 projects sponsoredby the NationalSocial Science Foundation of China and 20-plus Provincial and Ministry Social Science Planning Projects. In addition, more than 20 academic books (or translated books) have been published. It's worth mentioning that one of these achievements was selected as "National Library of Philosophical and Social Science Achievements", and 2 of them won the first and third prizes of Provincial Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science respectively. Apart from that, young teachers have won many awards in competitions of all levels in modern teaching skills.

The School aims to cultivate foreign language talents and bilingual talents with a solid foundation in foreign languages, good humanities, broad international perspectives and professional knowledge, who can be competent in business, education, foreign affairs and other foreign language-related work. SFL is devoted to promoting a regular academic exchange and cooperation in such countries (or regions) as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, Ireland by exchanging teachers and overseas students. With the help of these interuniversity programs, students in all majors can have opportunities to further their studies abroad, and get their bachelor's degree or sometimes even BA-plus-MA degree through either "2+2" or "3+1" programs. There are also chances for students to participate in overseas cultural exchange activities during winter and summer vacations. Noted for their diligence and modesty, solid foundation and excellent practical ability, our students have won more than 300 awards in various national and provincial competitions of foreign languages, and been commended for providing services to international contests and conferences like G20 Summit, Olympic Games, World Internet Conference, Asian Games, World Culture Congress and Shanghai World Expo. Our graduates of previous years have high comprehensive ability and multiple career options, thus the employment rate reaches 98%. Nearly 300 students have been admitted to master's and doctoral programs in famous domestic and foreign universities. After graduation, many of them find a job in national ministries, financial institutions, education, Fortune 500 and China Fortune 500 companies.

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