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School of Humanities and Communication

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Founded in 2002, School of Humanities and Communication offers four undergraduate programs, namely Chinese Language & Literature Program, International Chinese Education Program, Advertising Program and Network & New Media. It also provides master's programs for Chinese Language& Literature and professional master' sprogramsfor International Chinese Education. It has established research centers, such as the Institute of Zhejiang Studies and Modern Civilization, and the Collaborative Innovation Center for Calligraphy Industry and Cultural Development Strategy. Chinese Language and Literature is the First-Class Discipline (Class B) in the 13th "Five-Year Plan" of Zhejiang Province, and Chinese Language and Literature is the First-Class Major of Zhejiang Province.

Currently the School has 64 faculty members, of whom 46 hold doctoral degrees, 11 professors and 19 associate professors. Among them, 7 are nominated in the provincial talents project, and 23 have overseas experience. In recent years, the School has undertaken over 24 National Social Science Fund Projects (including 2 key projects) and 34 provincial research projects. Altogether, the faculty members have published more than 50 academic works and more than 300 papersin importantacademic journals such asLiterature ReviewandChinese Language. They have won more than 20 awards, including The Outstanding Achievements Award (Humanities and Social Sciences)by the Ministryof Education, The Outstanding Achievements Award of Philosophy and Social Science of Zhejiang Province.

Currently the School has about 900 students, and they have won 32 national awards and 66 provincial awards in discipline competitions. Altogether,127 graduates have been abroad to study in famous universities, 28 postgraduates have attended international academic conferences, and more than 10 postgraduates have been to the United States, the Philippines, and Vietnam to do volunteer work in Chinese teaching or research on the communication of Chinese in foreign countries.

The school has cooperation with many universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, and Singapore in academic exchanges, faculty visits, cultural communication, and further study of students. In recent years, the School has held several international academic seminars, conducted a summer visiting program at the National University of Singapore, held five international exhibitions of Chinese painting and calligraphy in the United States, France, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Thailand, and had cooperation with the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri for a short semester course.

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