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School of Arts

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Founded in June 2007, the School of Arts offers four undergraduate programs in Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Photography, and Fine Arts, among which Photography is listedas a first-classundergraduate discipline of Zhejiang province. The school has a team of high-level teaching staff. Most graduated from famous universities at home and abroad, and many have studied or visited in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea and other countries. In recent years, faculty members have undertaken or completed a number of national and provincial-ministry level teaching and research projects, including the National Social Science (Arts) Projects. The members have also won prizes in Teaching Achievement Award on provincial level as well as many awards for Outstanding Achievement of Zhejiang Province for basic theory research in philosophy and social sciences; and edited a number of national planned textbooks and key college textbooks of Zhejiang Province. The school have won dozens of domestic and international professional awards, such as the China Photography Golden Image Award, the China International Poster Biennial Award, the Han Yi Font Star Design Award, the International Red Dot Design Award, the Cologne International Design Award, the DIA China Design Award, and the American Northwestern International Film Festival Jury Selection Award, etc. In addition, the works have won many awards in the competitions held by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, more than 60 have been selected by the exhibitions held by the National Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles and its affiliated associations. The school has a high reputation in all professional fields and societies.

There are more than 600 undergraduate and graduate students in the school. In recent years, the school has won more than 100 awards in professionalcompetitionsat the provincial level and above and has got nearly 200 patents. The employment of the graduates is quite impressive. The first-time employment rate of undergraduate students has been above 98% on average, and the first-time employment rate of graduate students has been 100% in the past three years, and the School ranks first in the graduates’ satisfaction survey. In a lively entrepreneurial atmosphere, students have set up a number of entrepreneurialenterprises such asHaimati Photo Studio, Jin Haosen Photography Academy, “Don’t Stop” Home Stay, Hangzhou Sanyou Yimu Visual Design Office, Hangzhou Lanka Photography Studio, etc. Students’ works have been selected and awarded in many international photography exhibitions andcompetitions such asAustria Super Photography Tour, Serbia Digital International Photography Exhibition and Macao International Photography Exhibition, and in many professional competitions at home and abroad such as the National University Photography Competition. In recent years, the school’s further education enrollment rate has increased. Some graduates have entered the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University, East China Normal University, University of Southern California, California Institute of the Arts, POLIMODA Fashion Institute in Italy and other well-known institutions at home and abroad to continue their studies.

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