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2019 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony for Sino-Canadian Cooperation Program on Accounting Held at ZUFE

Time:June 19, 2019  clicks:

June 15 witnessed the 2019 undergraduate Commencement Ceremony of the Sino-Canadian Cooperation Program in Accounting at the Xiasha Campus of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics(ZUFE).The Party Secretary of this university Jinchang Li, Vice President Zhanrong Li, President of Laurentian University of Canada Pierre Zundel, Executive Director of CPA Canada in China Barbara Ko, Dean of the School of Management of Laurentian University Bernadette Schell, Heads of relevant departments and the School of Accounting of ZUFE, and all the 2019 Chinese and Canadian graduates and their parents' representatives attended this ceremony.In Mr. Li's speech, he extended his welcome to all the distinguished guests from afar, proffering his congratulations to the 2019 graduates. Meanwhile, he put forward three hopes and requirements: first, graduates should take more responsibility proactively and forge ahead, putting one's own "dream of becoming a talent" into the great "Chinese Dream"; second, it is necessary to keep upright and innovative with a broader global vision, further condensing the direction of life development and turning the accumulated knowledge into a force for innovation; and last but not the least, graduates need to move forward with perseverance, facing up to life and difficulties with a grateful heart, turning difficulties into ease, simplify complexities, as well as being self-confident and self-reliant.

Pierre Zundel said that Laurentian University was always the second home for students. It is necessary to keep in touch frequently, welcome everyone back at any time, and warmly invite graduates to join the Laurentian University Alumni Association.

The teachers' representative Dr. Zhixiong Huang, the graduates' parents’ representative Mingying Yin, graduates' representative Yanxiao Huang and alumni representative Jiahui Ma respectively gave speeches, expressing their wishes and expectations for the Sino-Canadian cooperation program.

ZUFE presented Laurentian University with a traditional Chinese painting,Friends like Bamboo and Orchid, representing a pure and lasting friendship, carefully painted by Mr. Li, the secretary of ZUFE’s Party Committee, which implies that the friendship between the two universities is as pure, deep, and ever-lasting as the bamboo and orchids. And Laurentian University gave the Toronto Raptors jerseys to ZUFE, inspiring Chinese and Canadian students to keep forging ahead and climbing to the top like the Raptors.

The graduates also presented gifts to the two alma mater in China and Canada with the beautiful jade and exquisite crafts. In return, the School of Accounting also specially made commemorative coins for graduates.

This commencement is a grand feast to display cooperative teaching achievements between ZUFE and Laurentian University, which promotes the cooperation and development of the two universities and strengthens their friendship.