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The Mobilization Meeting for Overseas Students to Engage in Higher Education Accreditation Successfully Held

Time:April 1, 2022  clicks:

A meeting calling for full engagement in quality certification of higher education for international students in China was held on March 31. Zhong Xiaomin, CPC Vice Secretary and President of ZUFE, took the chair and delivered a pep talk. Du Jian, a specialist from the International Office of the Education Department of Zhejiang Province, gave a guidance lecture.

According to Zhong Xiaomin, we should be fully aware of the great significance of education for international students in China. Importance should not only be attached to imparting professional knowledge, but also to getting students involved in cultural exchange. Only by doing so can we strengthen ideological education and make China’s voice resonant in the world. A complete system is needed for self-evaluation and self-adjustment. Once the certification is passed, we need to find out what’s to be improved and what rules are to be set. We also need to establish a rounded system and display our unique features, lifting the educational quality of international students in China. Committed to ZUFE as a whole, all departments and schools should work in a collective response to meet the certification requirement.

In Du Jian’s report, he presented the trend of studying in China and policies involved. Also, he made an analysis of the significance, aims, and procedures for the certification of educational quality and made some arrangements on treating specialists responsible for the certification.

Conferees included the leaders of relevant departments and schools.