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The Donation Signing Ceremony for Lixing Education Fund Successfully Held

Time:April 14, 2022  clicks:

On April 12, the donation signing ceremony for the Lixing Education Fund was held at ZUFE’s Xiasha Campus. Zhejiang Lixing Education Technology Co., Ltd set up the Lixing Education Fund by donating RMB 2.5 million for the School of Data Science. Vice President Xu Xiaodong, President Zhang Hao of Lixing Education in Hangzhou, and others attended the ceremony.

Xu Xiaodong expressed his welcome and appreciation to Zhang Hao and other staff of the company. He believed that the establishment of the Lixing Education Fund completely approved and recognized the strength, performance and features of our university. Our university will firmly stick to the constitutions, as well as state laws and regulations, and implement all provisions in the agreement to further deepen the cooperation between universities and enterprises. We will lead significant innovation through empowering industries with talent to cultivate new generations that strive for national rejuvenation.

Zhang Hao stated that the fund was to support School of Data and Science to carry out their work in discipline construction, teaching and research, high-level teaching staff construction as well as talent cultivation, and so on. Meanwhile, he hoped that the cooperation between universities and enterprises would be promoted along with industry-university-research cooperation, and that more talent would be trained to satisfy the needs of social development by means of advantages of both.

In the ceremony, Zhang Hongying, director of the Office of Social Cooperation, accepted the donation check on behalf of ZUFE and issued a donation certificate and a memorial cup for Zhang Hao. Hong Xingjian, the dean of the School of Data and Science, Zhang Hongying and Zhang Hao signed the donation agreement and the industry-university-research cooperation agreement.

Persons in charge of the Office of Social Cooperation, Planning and Finance Division, as well as the School of Data and Science took part in the activities above.