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Second International Young Scholars Forum (IYSF) Held at ZUFE

Time:December 17, 2020  clicks:

Second International Young Scholars Forum (IYSF) was held at ZUFE from December 16 to 17, and more than 110 outstanding young scholars from well-known universities both at home and abroad participated in this forum. The Forum was held onsite and online at the same time. Present at the opening ceremony were President Xiaomin Zhong, Vice President Yongyou Li, and heads of related functional departments and schools. This ceremony was hosted by Yongyou Li.

On behalf of the university, President Zhong welcomed young talents present and introduced the university's educational history, current situation and future vision. He pointed out that ZUFE has always adhered to the concept that "talents are the first resource and innovation is the first driving force", and vigorously promoted the development strategy of "flourishing ZUFE through talents". Meanwhile, it has also insisted on prioritizing the development of human resources, the adjustment of talent structure, the guarantee of talent investment, and the innovation of talent system. ZUFE will still strengthen the empowerment of talents, enlarge the talent training platform, strive to build the best environment suitable for the growth and development of talents, and continuously improve the sense of acquisition, happiness and security of talents. At the same time, Mr. Zhong sincerely welcomed all young scholars to join ZUFE to realize dreams and build careers, jointly promote the construction of ZUFE - a domestic first-class, internationally renowned, distinctive and entrepreneurial university of finance and economics, and work together to write a bright future worthy of youth.

At the opening ceremony, relevant persons in charge of Academic Disciplinary Department, Research Department, and Personnel Department respectively introduced the university's academic discipline construction, research system and talent policy. In the main forum, Professor Jianming Wang, the young top-notch talent of provincial "The Ten Thousand Talents' Program", Dr. Sijia Wang, the middle-aged young academic leader of Zhejiang Province, and Dr. Kuo Feng as the young scholar representative gave special reports.

This year, there are 16 sub-forums in which participants discuss and exchange ideas on the key and hot research areas of the discipline.

In recent years, ZUFE has continuously optimized the talent introduction mode of "invite in, and go out". In the face of the impact of the epidemic, ZUFE has actively adjusted its work methods and strategies, launched a dual-track mode of "online live broadcast plus offline forum". In addition, it has continuously expanded channels for attracting talents at home and abroad, and provided a communication platform for outstanding young scholars to get to know and join ZUFE.