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Two ZUFE MA Theses Rated Excellent

Time:March 5, 2021  clicks:

Recently, the Provincial Academic Degree Office announced the evaluation results of randomly-selected MA theses for 2020, with an excellent rate of 8%, which is at the forefront among universities in Zhejiang Province. Among these theses, the thesis of Yingxu Wang, a student from ZUFE's School of Public Finance and Taxation (supervisor: Liqun Wu) and the thesis of Liting Huang from the School of Humanities and Communications (supervisor: Jianzhong Yang) have received excellent results. The titles of the two articles are respectively "A Simulated Empirical Study on the Impacts of Carbon Taxes Levied in Different Ways on China's Regional Economy - Based on the Perspective of the Responsibility for Carbon Emission" and "A Phonological Review of the Relationship of Interchangeability of Words or Characters in Five Batches of Bamboo Slips during the Warring States Period (453 B.C.-221 B.C.)".

In recent years, ZUFE has continuously improved the three-level quality assurance system from the University, the School, to the supervisor, strengthened the quality control in topic selection, thesis proposal, guidance, pre-self-defense, anonymous evaluation and defense in order to ensure the quality of talents for degree conferment. ZUFE has also introduced the method for handling the results of sample inspection of postgraduates' theses and established the standard quality system of "strict delivery". And results of random inspection will be taken as important evidence to determine the enrollment qualification of supervisors and allocate the resources for postgraduate education. Meanwhile,the School and the supervisor responsible for the "problematic thesis" will be interviewed and questioned about the quality.

In 2020, a total of 1,100 theses for the master's degree were anonymously checked all over the province, covering 24 institutions with postgraduate training programs. There are altogether 22 articles with excellent results, with an excellent rate of 2%.