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Foreign Students from ZUFE Participated in "Dream Trip in Zhejiang" Talent Show for Foreign Students

Time:December 15, 2020  clicks:

Recently, the 14th "Dream Trip in Zhejiang" Talent Show for Foreign Students has been held in Hangzhou. Vice President Zhanrong Li attended the activity.

At the site of the activity, a performance called Splendid Traditional Chinese Talent Show as given by 19 international students from 12 countries who are all studying at ZUFE. Student Jin Mu, who had just won the champion in ZUFE's Top Ten Singers Competition, sang a Yueju Opera (Shaoxing Opera), which amazed the leaders and audiences present. In addition, Han Chinese Clothing, cheongsam, and fashion show attracted screams and praise. The Chinese calligraphy on site was also full of demeanor. The elements of traditional Chinese culture were wonderfully interpreted by the foreign students of our university, bringing the audience an audio-visual feast with the integration of Chinese and foreign cultures.

"Dream Trip in Zhejiang" is an annual cultural exchange activity for foreign students. It aims to enrich the campus cultural life of foreign students in Zhejiang, deepen their understanding of Zhejiang, and provide a stage for all the foreign students from all over the world to show their dreams. More than 300 international students from 13 universities in Zhejiang participated in the talent show that night, presenting to the audience various wonderful programs such as Chinese songs and dances, operas, sketches, and raps. This activity fully showed the talent and skills in Chinese culture of foreign students in Zhejiang.

It is the first time that ZUFE participated in the "Dream Trip in Zhejiang" Talent Show. These performances full of artistry and value in cultural communication won high recognition from the audience and guests, which fully demonstrated the talent and aspiring spirit of our university's foreign students. ZUFE will take the establishment of Wenhua Academy of Learning as an opportunity to vigorously promote the cultivation of "culture plus major" characteristic, so that foreign students can fall in love with Chinese culture while learning professional skills, and be the messenger for Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges as well as the bridge for cultural integration.