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The 6th Green Consumption and Green Marketing Symposium Held at ZUFE

Time:December 9, 2020  clicks:

The 6th Green Consumption and Green Marketing Symposium was held on December 5 at ZUFE (Xiasha campus). Adopting a mixed online and offline mode, the Symposium was participated by 150-plus experts and scholars from more than 60 colleges and universities across the country offline, and watched by nearly 7,000 people online.

Professor Jincai Dong, the head of the Organization Department and the United Front Work Department of ZUFE, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He extended a warm welcome to all experts and scholars and expressed his gratitude to peer colleges and universities for giving their strong support to the Symposium.

Professor Huanzheng Du fromTongji University, Professor Qinghua Zhu from Shanghai Jiaotong University, special-term Professor Yaming Kuang and Professor Haiying Liu from the School of Business at Jilin University, Professor Lujun Su from Central South University, Professor Bangzhu Zhu from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Professor Jianhua Wang from Jiangnan University, Professor Xucai WanfromNanjing University of Finance and Economics respectively shared their researches on topics including "Green Consumption and Circular Economy", "Green Marketing Innovation of Reproduced Products", "Environmental Regulation and China's Industrialization Development", "Deviant Behavior of Tourists", "Carbon Trading Mechanism", "How Environmental Pollution Affects Environmental Behavior of the Public", "Green Concept and High-quality Development of Tourism", etc.

In addition, a release conference for the new book series titled "Zhejiang Green Management Theory and Experience" was held during the meeting.

This Symposium, initiated by the Chinese Marketing Association of Universities and ZUFE and hosted by ZUFE School of Business Administration, the Green Management Research Institute, the Green Consumption and Green Marketing Committee of the Chinese Marketing Association of Universities, and the high-level "Innovation team of Transformation and Upgrading, and Green Management" of Zhejiang colleges and universities, aims to collect the intellectual fruits of scholars and experts in green consumption and green marketing, improve scientific research and teaching management level, boost the development of green disciplines and talent training, and thus further jointly promote the disciplinary development of green consumption and green marketing.