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ZUFE Won Prizes in National Classics, Reading and Writing Competition

Time:April 7, 2021  clicks:

Lately, the First "Huaixin Cup"-the National Classics, Reading and Writing Competition has announced the winners. Chen Chen, a 2019 undergraduate student majoring in Accounting (ACCA program) from the School of Accounting of ZUFE, won the second prize for the work The Past Days with Bitterness, which is the only award-winning work among higher education institutions in Zhejiang Province. In addition, ZUFE is crowned with the only Outstanding Organization Award in this Competition.

In this contest, a total of 191 submitted articles from 47 universities and colleges have been received nationwide. Classic texts, on which the submissions are based, generally fall into six categories: Chinese ancient literature, Chinese modern and contemporary literature, foreign ancient literature, foreign modern and contemporary literature, philosophy and social sciences. After review, a total of 20 works are awarded, including 1 special prize, 2 first prizes, 4 second, 5 third, and 8 excellent prizes.

The "Huaixin Cup"- National Classics, Reading, and Writing Competition is an important contest launched by the National General Education League, which aims to improve the undergraduates' ability to grasp the content and logic of classic texts in various fields such as literature, history, philosophy and social sciences to boost cultural and educational exchanges, thus promoting the construction and development of general education in higher education institutions across the country.