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ZUFE Holds International Academic Seminar on Land System and Sustainability

Time:December 5, 2022  clicks:

The International Academic Seminar on Land System and Sustainability was recently held online and offline at ZUFE’s Xiasha Campus. The seminar focused on the themes of “monitoring and perception of land systems” and “sustainability of land systems.

At the seminar, Li Xingong, Professor of the University of Kansas, Wang Zilong, Professor of Land Economics at the University of Cambridge, Ma Yuxin, Professor of the New Zealand Institute of Water and Soil Conservation, and Xu Zhenci, Professor of the University of Hong Kong gave presentations titled “Mapping Surface Water Dynamics Using Remote Sensing,” “Long Term Evaluation in Commercial Real Estate,” “Soils in the Digital Age: Advances in Digital Soil Mapping Assessment and Proximal Soil Sensing,and “Complex Coupling System of System Integration and Sustainable Development,” respectively.

Experts at the seminar held lively discussions on the impact of global climate change on ecosystems, the response of social ecosystems to global change, ecological environment issues, land system sustainability and other cutting-edge hot issues.

As an international and high-level academic seminar, it built a communication platform for renowned experts and scholars in the field of land science, and will definitely play a positive role in promoting the development of related disciplines in ZUFE.