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Joint Program in Marketing (The University of Toledo, USA)

The Marketing Program (Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Program) was approvedby the Ministry of Education in 2013, and is organized by both The University of Toledo and ZUFE. Designed with reference to the AACSB training program of the elite business school training system in the United States and based on Professional Sales major of University of Toledo (ranking among the top 3% majors in US) and Marketing major of School of Business Administration (ranking among the top 5.5% in China), the program aims to cultivate senior marketing and sales talents with international vision and practical ability.Except obtaining the degrees of ZUFE, students who study at University of Toledo and meet its requirements can also graduate with University of Toledo degrees.

Since the first batch of students was enrolled in September 2013, there have been 731 students taking the Chinese-U.S.Marketing Program during the 8 years, among whom 95 students have studied at University of Toledo and 60%-70% of the students have achieved excellent academic grades and all 95 students have obtained Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from University of Toledo. 30% of the graduates of the programchooseto pursue a master's degree.

Outstanding Students

1. Ms.Lu Qinyuan,class of 2018, won the university first-class scholarship and second-class scholarship,and after graduation,she entered Columbia University in the pursue her master's degree, worked and settled in the U.S.

2. Ms.Zhang Yuting,class of 2019, won national scholarship once and the university first-class scholarship for three consecutive years. After graduation,she entered the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to pursue a master's degree.

3. Ms.Chen Shuting, class of 2020, won the provincial government scholarship, the university first-class scholarship and second-class scholarship, and the first prize of the career planning competition during her school years. She is now working at Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co.Ltd. and is currently the youngest product manager of Tencent.