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Center for Economic Behavior and Decision-making

Time:March 10, 2021  clicks:

The Center for Economic Behavior and Decision-making (CEBD) at Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics was founded on 26 March, 2016.

The Neuro & Behavior Economics Lab (NBEL) affiliated with the center covers an area of 500 square meters, consisting of a 300-square meters laboratory, and a 200-square meters terrace, which can be used for hosting symposiums or seminars. The laboratory has 40 computers and various modern experimental equipment including fNIRS, tDCS, EEG, eye tracking, and multi-channel physiologic recorder.

CEBD brings together researchers from different disciplines and endeavors to explore the innovation for the theoretical bases and research methods of economics critically by using scientific experimental methods (including behavioral experiments, neuro scientific methods and computer simulations).