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Center for Financial Innovation and Inclusive Finance

Time:March 10, 2021  clicks:

Taking “financial innovation and inclusive finance” as its research interest, Center for Financial Innovation and Inclusive Finance, (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”), a new type of university think tank in Zhejiang Province, promotes local economic development under the guidance of the green development strategy of “making full use of eight advantages and implementing eight major measures” and “Two Mountains Theory”. In so doing, it aims to address major theoretical and practical financial problems arising from Zhejiang’s economic development and provide suggestions for Zhejiang’s high-quality economic development.

The Center has set up a high-level research teamwith a solidtheoretical research foundation and rich experience in field research. Among the staff, 1 is nominated in the national project of “Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents”, 1 is granted “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions”, 1 is supported by State Council Special Allowance, and more than 12 are included in provincial Talent Programs such as Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions and Leading Talents and Young Outstanding Talents in Philosophy and Social Sciences. The Center has joined hands with many famous financial institutions in the province to meet the needs of Zhejiang’s economic development, thus creating a “teaching plus research plus social service” platform to serve Zhejiang’s financial development and providing intellectual support for local development and financial reform.

Being problem-oriented and playing an active role in decision-making consultation, the Center tackles major theoretical and practical financial problems in economic development. In recent years, many positive instructions regarding in-depth investigation and development research reports on rural e-commerce model innovation, financial support for ecological product value realization, anti-epidemic risk prevention and control, financial innovation, inclusive finance, green finance, multi-level capital market and other fields have been received from leaders at various levels.