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Center for Government Regulation of Urban Public Utilities

Time:March 10, 2021  clicks:

The Collaborative Innovation Center for the Regulation of Urban Public Utilities (hereinafter referred to as “theCenter”) initiated by Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics connects and coordinates various parties including regulative authorities, academic research institutions as well as industry associations and enterprises. It is regarded as a high-level think tank for government regulation in urban public utilities.

The Center aims to meet the great demands in government regulation of China’s urban public utilities. Upholding the strategy of “achieving national influence with the base in Zhejiang province”, the center is devoted tobuildinga multi-discipline collaborative innovation platform for talent cultivation, discipline construction and academic research with the organic integration of government,industry, university, research and application.

The Center initiated the establishment of the Specialized Committee for Reform and Regulation of Urban Public Utilities, Chinese Society for Urban Studies (CSUS), the Specialized Committee for Energy Regulation, China Energy Research Society and the Specialized Committee for Industry Regulation of Chinese Industrial Economic Association. It has a number of subsidiary research divisions including Division of Regulation Theories, Division of Water Affairs Regulation, Division of Energy Regulation, Division of Food and Drug Safety Supervision, Division of Environment Supervision, Division of Regulation Performance Evaluation, Division of PPP Supervision for Public Utilities as well as the Division of City Governance and Regulation. The Center is dedicated to providing theoretical innovation and decision-making consultation service to improve the regulation quality and stimulate the development of urban public utilities, so as to ensure the orderly advancement of the new-pattern urbanization.